Spring High Heel Alternatives


Stiletto pumps or high heels may not be your best friend or flat out not comfortable for you.  Or, possibly you feel that you don’t have a fit for “dressy” shoes in your wardrobe because of your day-to-day.


But apart from having a functional wardrobe, is having options and being outfit ready no matter the occasion or event.  If an event suddenly pops up on your calendar that calls for a more formal look, it’s better to be prepared than having to scramble last minute only to settle on an option that you don’t love.


Spring High Heel Alternatives


I believe every woman should have at least one pair of heels in their wardrobe, just in case.  And it’s ok if you don’t wear them often, they’re there for those times that you need them.


If a high heel doesn’t work for your comfort level, as you know, in fashion, you always have options.  Throughout this post, I’ll share a round-up of alternative heel options that’ll be a good fit for you and an excellent way to warm up to wearing heels.


Short & Thick

A shorter heel is a prominent place to start but opting for a thicker heel will provide more comfort than a stiletto heel.


Stacked Heel

A stacked heel is a sexy style, similar to a stiletto just with a thicker heel.



Having a platform will provide more comfort for the balls of your feet; it’s added on comfort.  You then have the choice to select a heel height that you feel most comfortable.


Wedge Heel

A wedge heel will provide you the comfort similar to a flat the only difference is the height.


Give yourself options; your wardrobe needs them.  If you don’t prefer a particular style, just know if you have other options rather than completely ruling something out.


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