How To Avoid Having Separate Wardrobes


Do you often feel that you need to have different wardrobes separating your work clothes from the clothes you wear outside of the office?

Or, how often do you find yourself shopping for different sets of clothing - work clothes, going out clothes, casual clothes to run errands in, and the list goes on?


If this sounds like familiar territory to you, not only are you wasting a lot of your time focusing on creating separate wardrobes that cater to your lifestyle needs but having different wardrobes is just leading to a lot of wasted money and a lot of outfits that you’re overlooking in your closet.

Having separate wardrobe, surprisingly, doesn’t make you more stylish.  Being stylish doesn’t require constant spending or the need to have a lot of pieces just to feel and look good.

Feeling like you have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear, struggling to create different outfits around your clothes to you always spending to create new outfits is a result of having separate wardrobes.

You don’t need different wardrobes or different sets of clothing to meet your day-to-day needs.


How To Avoid Having Separate Wardrobes


If your 9 to 5 requires a dressier uniform and your day-to-day style is more relaxed, or if you work from home and dressier pieces don’t fit in with your daily outfits, you can still style these clothes outside of those dressy and casual labels you've given them.  While you’re busy placing those “dressy,” “casual,” to “work clothes” labels on your items is the quickest and easiest way to eliminate a majority of the outfits you have in your closet.

Labels Do Not Exist

Everything in your closet can be styled both casually and in a dressier way.  Your casual items don’t need to be limited to when you want to be in a laid back lack, and your dressier pieces aren’t meant for formal occasions only.

That sheath dress you wear in the office - yes, it’s dressy, but you can wear it a more casual way:


Your favorite jogger pants that you like to throw on when you run errands can be dressed up for a night out with girlfriends:

Your "casual" cargo pants can be worn in a more polished way that doesn't require putting on heels:


Maximizing your wardrobe starts in your closet, not spending money to add in more options.

When you focus on spending for specific items to occasions often leads to a wardrobe filled with single outfits and one-time wears because your wardrobe lacks connectivity making it harder to style your clothes over and over in different ways.

Your solution: spend more money on new options.
My solution: fill in the gaps in your wardrobe with the basics.


The Basics

The basics are the core pieces that’ll allow you to create new outfits around everything in your closet without spending.  Your basics help to get rid of those labels so you can dress up and dress down everything you have and be able to create more outfits.

Your basics are an automatic match for everything you have, giving you plenty of different ways to style the same pieces to create new outfits.

With your separate wardrobes, you’ll be able to use your basics to blend your items to create one solid and functional wardrobe.  You’ll instantly have new outfits by adding in the basic pieces.


Filling In The Gaps

Take the time to invest in pieces that’ll make it easier for you to get dressed and get out of the habit of regular shopping and wearing your clothes the same way.

Below are five out of the 24 basics I’ve included in my eBook, Build + Maximize Your Wardrobe: The Basics.


These basic pieces will help you become a smarter shopper and allow you to be more fashionable and better dressed in the clothes in your closet.  This eBook will help you to move past labeling your clothes and instead learn how to dress up and dress down your clothes so you can wear your clothes differently, spend less money and be more stylish.

Having separate wardrobes is avoidable, being stuck wearing the same outfits is preventable with your basics.


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