Stylish Bags To Carry Running Errands In Spring

A day of errands means comfort, practical and easily accessible clothing to accessories.  You can pull off a stylish look but be comfortable and casual at the same time while running errands.


In warm weather, you can’t get away with throwing something on and layering your look with a coat that’ll cover up your entire outfit - now, your whole outfit is on full display.


Your choice in the bag you carry holds a lot of power; depending on the style you choose, it could very well be the add-on that helps to dress up your look or add a casual touch to it.  It’s ok if you feel a bit overdressed, you can use your accessories to create a more relaxed feel instead of changing into a different outfit. Or, if you feel too casual, add-on accessories that’ll make your look feel more polished.   I’ve broken down the different style bags you can add to any spring outfit to give a more casual or dressy feel in my eBook, Building A Wardrobe: Spring Basics.


This roundup of handbags not only add a stylish touch to your look but will make it easier to navigate through your day of errands.  My personal favorites are backpacks and cross body bags because you don’t have to hold onto anything - you can toss your bag around your shoulder or on your back and go.  Making it much easier to tackle your errands without worrying about the extra weight you’re carrying in your bag.


Not sure on which style bag works best for you? Check out my blog post: How To Choose A Style Bag That Fits Your Personality


The below bags can pair with any outfit.  You’ll notice this selection is a combination of neutrals and two accent colors - pink and blue.  This is the color palette throughout Building A Wardrobe: Spring Basics eBook; every single option below will automatically match to all 150+ outfits included in this eBook bundle.


Take the time to invest in building a functional wardrobe and make it easier and quicker to get dressed.  Use these 150+ outfits to build out your spring outfits and run errands in style! Click here for eBook.


Stylish Bags To Carry Running Errands


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