How To Pick Shorts That Flatter


Shorts along with any other garment does not come with age restrictions.  You can pull off any style that you want to, regardless of your age. Do you have to rule out shorts because you’re a certain age? Nope.  Are shorts deemed inappropriate after a certain age? Never.


Fashion isn’t meant to limit what you can and can not wear.  It’s easier to confidently pull off wearing shorts when you know the styles that’ll work best for your body type and allow you to feel the most confident.


Are all shorts, super short? No.  You always have options, and that doesn’t include ruling them out.  There is still an option that’ll work for you.

How To Pick Shorts That Flatter


Warmer weather is finally here, and that means it’s time to break out the shorter hemlines but if you’re finding yourself guilty of avoiding shorts because in your mind, they’re not age-appropriate; I’m here to tell you - You can work shorts into your wardrobe and look damn good in them!


Shorts is just one of the staples included in my eBook, Building A Wardrobe: Summer Essentials.  Use this guide to help narrow down which style works best for your body type.


Which style short works best for you?


The three key factors when it comes to narrowing down which shorts work best for you are rise, fabric, and length.




The easiest way to narrow down which rise works best for you is deciding if you’re trying to mask your stomach or side handles, or not.  If you’re trying to conceal, opt for a higher rise. High rise flatters all body types because it hits at the most narrow part of your body helping to create the illusion of curves.


If you’re not looking to conceal, you have the option between high, low or mid rise.


Starting with the rise will help you pinpoint the most flattering style, from there narrow down your options between the fabric and length.


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Mid rise still sits higher up and will also help to conceal your stomach or side handles.  The difference between mid and high rise is a high rise usually fastens above your belly button while a mid-rise fastens underneath.  



With a lower rise, be cautious of this style if you have a bigger butt, hips or more curvy.  This style will often require a belt if you do choose low rise to avoid your pants showing a peek when you’re sitting down.


If trying to conceal side handles or tummy, avoid this style and opt for a mid or high rise.




When styling around a larger butt or thighs, you're probably used to shorts rising as you walk - and that can get annoying having to always tug at your shorts.  While sizing up is an option, that then often leads to a bigger and looser fit that doesn’t always create a flattering look.


Keeping the fabric in mind is key because you’ll want to avoid those spandex to stretchy materials because, with a larger butt and thighs, they will rise.  Instead, opt for denim, cotton, linen to polyester fabrics.




Selecting length doesn’t boil down to your age, it boils down to what you like.  Confidence is key! Don’t get caught up in a number. From shorts that hit mid-thigh to bermuda style hitting right above your knee; the choice is yours.



And if you’re looking for different ways to style shorts with heels to flats and what garments to add to your outfit to give your look a more formal or casual feel; I lay out over 100 different outfit ideas in Building A Wardrobe: Summer Essentials eBook - here.


From denim, sweat shorts, chino shorts, tailored to bermuda style; your closet has room for shorts.  Don’t count out your options because you think your age doesn’t allow it.


Age is only a number.  Remember that! Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear and understanding how to build out your outfits will make it easier for you to pull off any style that you want, confidently!