4 Spring Tops You Can Wear With Anything

Getting dressed is a much more relaxed, quicker and fun process when you have pieces in your wardrobe that will instantly pair with everything you have - no seconding if it looks right or if it matches; it’ll always work.  Without your basics, most of the time, you usually end up either going with a different outfit that you initially wanted to wear, or you’re stuck wearing your outfits the same way.

For those days you’re in a rush or don’t know what to put on with that skirt you want to wear, you can grab one of your basics because it’ll always pair with your clothes.  When you want to wear that skirt again, you’ll have even more different ways to style it.

4 Spring Tops You Can Wear With Anything


Your basics allow you to wear the same pieces differently.  You can minimize your shopping and maximize the options in your wardrobe.


Every wardrobe needs the essential pieces; no matter what your day-to-day consists of, these are the pieces that make getting dressed easier.  In most cases, these are the base pieces that you’ll use to build out different outfits, wear new pieces you add to creating new outfits around the clothes in your closet.

Each season has their set of core pieces that you can style with everything throughout the season and then transition into a different season.  They’ll always work with everything.

The clothes, shoes, and accessories I break down in Building A Wardrobe: Spring Basics eBook include the pieces that you can style with everything and two accent colors to mix in with your basics.  Adapting the rely on your basics first before spending a crazy amount of money on new clothes will not only save you more money in the long run, it’ll allow you to create new outfits around everything in your closet.

Below are four basic tops that you can pair with everything in your wardrobe throughout spring that you can wear in and out of the office:

Some pieces may seem too dressy or casual for you, but in my books, there is no such thing as labels.  This eBook, also shows you how to get rid of those labels, maximize your options and how to build out your outfits so you can dress up and dress down everything in your closet.

Maximizing starts within your closet, not spending!


#1: Lace Top


#2: Striped Rugby Shirt


#3: Off-The-Shoulder Top


#4: Olive Blouse


Click here for the complete list of spring basics

This eBook also provides you 100 different outfit ideas and access to private online shopping guide where you can shop all 100 outfits plus additional styles.   

When you take the time to invest in your basics, you’ll finally start looking forward to getting dressed every day and feel more confident when putting together your outfits!

Loving your work. You have single-handedly cured me of a compulsive desire to shopshopshop. I am now looking at my wardrobe with love and excitement.
— Customer Testimonial

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