Picking The Perfect Tee For Your Body Type

Being able to feel confident in your clothes consists of a few things, two being: (1) having the right pieces in your wardrobe that allow you to mix and match your clothes and show off your style and (2) having pieces in your closet that flatter your figure.



When you’re adding new pieces to your wardrobe just because you like them and aren’t sure on how to style them or if it’ll flatter your figure; often leads to you wearing only a few pieces when you have a closet filled with clothes.



Creating a functional wardrobe requires having a set of pieces that’ll make it easier for you to create outfits around all of your clothes; a basic tee is one of those items.  A garment as simple as a tee can make your life much easier when it comes to getting dressed. Not only can you pair it with anything but you can also dress it up so it’ll work for date night or at work and wear it casually and feel put together and polished.




Making Basic Chic


A tee and these 23 other wardrobe basics are probably the plainest and basic pieces that you’ll have in your wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t style them to make them more stylish and chic.  If you’re overlooking your basics because in your mind they’re “too basic,” you’ll often find yourself struggling to create outfits around your clothes without having to shop to create new options.



Yes, your basics are basic pieces.  That’s the point. For you to mix and match all of your clothes, you need pieces that can go with everything.  In Building Your Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, I lay out the 23 other basics plus how you can create casual and dressy outfits around them to how to create outfits around everything in your closet.



Every basic piece can be as stylish as any other garment.


A basic tee can be dressed up:




Dress it up without having to resort to a pair of heels or piling on jewelry:




To styling your outfit casually but still feel put together:




Finding The Perfect Tee


The most important thing to factor in when selecting your perfect tee is the neckline; the fit and length are more of your personal preference, but the neckline is the key to picking a tee that flatters your figure.


Which neckline works best for you?




Helps to create a slimming effect.  This style can minimize a larger bust and enhance a smaller one.  Because this style helps to create the illusion of curves, it’ll help create a more extended and leaner silhouette and elongate your neck.  This style is universally flattering for any figure.




Crew Neckline:


This neckline can work for any figure, but be cautious if you have a larger bust because it tends to make you look more top heavy.  Crew necklines tend to draw the eye outward towards your shoulders, so you appear more balanced and in proportion which is great for balancing out a wider bottom.




Scoop Neckline:


Similar to a V-neckline this style also helps to create curves.  If you’re more top heavy or are wider at the bottom, this is a good choice for you.  This style also helps to create the illusion of a larger bust for my ladies with a smaller chest.



As you’re spending money and taking the time to invest in building your perfect wardrobe, you want to make sure you’re filling it with pieces you’ll wear and know they’ll flatter your figure.  Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook also pinpoints the different garments and the styles that work best for an inverted triangle, triangle, hourglass, and rectangle shape.


Build your wardrobe with a strategy and spend less time stressing on looking good!