Spring Style: How To Dress In Your 40's + Over 500 Outfit Ideas


Having a wardrobe filled with options always makes it more fun and easier to create new outfits around the clothes in your closet.

Anytime you’re transitioning between two different seasons it’s easy to think shopping for new items is the only way to create new outfits or the only way you’ll be able to wear the clothes you have differently.

But did you know, everything you have in your closet at this moment, you can create endless outfit options and be able to style them differently without always having to shop?

Of course, you’ll add in new pieces from time to time, but anytime you’re spending money on new items, it always feels better spending when you know you’ll have plenty of ways to style it with the clothes you have and not just for that one perfect outfit you have in mind.

There is a difference between shopping and adding new pieces and shopping and wearing them.  It’s ok to get caught up in sales or give into those impulsive purchases, but it’s only worth it when you have a closet filled with outfit options for it.

Spring Style: How To Dress In Your 40's


How do you create these endless outfit options within your closet?


It’s simple: take the time to invest in your basics.  Your basics make it easier for you to create different outfits around everything you have.  If you want a closet that’ll keep you outfit-ready throughout different occasions and events, you’ll want to first invest in your basics before spending a crazy amount of money on pieces that often result in one-time wear.

I’ve created several wardrobe building eBooks to help make your life easier and more fashionable without always having to spend money.  Focusing on your basics will instantly create a wardrobe with outfit ideas that’ll work for anything... Anything!

Below will give you a preview of each eBook, and in total, these eBooks will provide you with over 500 outfit ideas! With these pieces alone you can automatically have a year's worth of outfit ideas.  The amount of money you could be saving, the number of outfits you could be creating in your wardrobe and no more stressing when it comes to looking and feeling good.


Wardrobe Basics:


Your basics lay the foundation for your wardrobe.  The 24 pieces covered in Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook will work year-round, throughout every season, at work and outside of the office.

Your basics focus on neutral colors and prints.  These are the key pieces to have in your wardrobe so you can create outfits around everything you have.  With a mix of casual and dressy garments, accessories and shoes you’ll be able to put together outfits for different seasons easily.  


Below are two outfit ideas that’ll work during spring:




The best place to begin when you’re looking to rebuild your wardrobe is with your basics.  This eBook gives you 140 different outfit ideas and access to a private online shopping guide filled with handpicked items to help you start filling in the gaps.  Click here for this eBook.

Once you have your basics, you’ll now be able to start creating new outfits around your go-to outfits and new outfits for all of those pieces you struggle to wear.  Because your basics are so essential to your wardrobe and come in all different styles, colors, fits to prints; in Maximizing Your Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, I teach you how to add in more edgier style basics and more neutral colors. The more options, the easier it is for you to create endless outfit options. Your basics aren’t a massive investment, however, will save you a ton of money in the long run.

It’s one thing to have your basics, and it’s entirely different to know how to use them to double the size of your wardrobe with the clothes you have.


Below are two spring outfit ideas from Maximizing Your Wardrobe: The Basics eBook:




This eBook gives you 90 different outfit ideas.  Click here for this eBook.


Creating Spring Outfits Around Your Winter Clothes:


Step one to creating new outfits when you move into a new season isn’t to shop and add in new clothes; it’s how do you carry clothes from the previous season into the new season.  Transitioning into spring allows you to style your same winter pieces differently.. To cater to springs weather.

New outfits, same pieces.
New outfits, no spending.

With your basics, you don’t have to shop just to pack away your clothes at the end of a season.  Your basics allow you to maximize your wardrobe options throughout the entire year saving you a ton of money.

I am a firm believer that a majority of your clothes can be styled for any occasion (minus a select few) allowing you to continue to wear your clothes over and over again in a different way.  Your basics aren’t called lifesavers for a reason!


Below are two spring outfit ideas surrounding winter staple pieces included in Transitioning Your Wardrobe: Winter to Spring eBook:




This eBook gives you 80 different outfit ideas.  Click here for this eBook.


Remember: maximizing your wardrobe starts from within your wardrobe.  This eBook lays out different styling tricks and outfit combinations so you can maximize your winter pieces and continue to wear them in spring.


Spring Basics:


Each season has their own set of colors in addition to the neutral colors and prints.  In spring, pastel shades are, but you can make any color work in spring. You’ll want a set of basics that work for spring weather but will also allow you to easily mix and match with every other spring piece you have or choose to add in.  

Building A Wardrobe: Spring Basics eBook is your guide to spring style, helping you to lay the foundation of your spring wardrobe with the basic neutrals and also adding in two accent colors - pink and blue.


Below are two spring outfit ideas:





This eBook gives you 100 different outfit ideas and access to a private online shopping guide to shop the exact outfits and additional styles.  Click here for this eBook.


Spring Prints & Trends:

Outside of your basics, each season brings their prints to different trends - one trend, in particular, is the athleisure style where you can get away with incorporating jogger pants to sweatshirts into your everyday.  It can be a little tricky adding prints to your wardrobe when the colors don't exactly match with your accent colors or how to style them and creating a stylish and polished look around a basic pair of jogger pants.

Maximizing Your Wardrobe: Spring Basics eBook teaches you how to use your spring basics to dress up and dress down your garments to how to work prints and the athleisure trend into your spring wardrobe.


Below are 3  outfits included in Maximizing Your Wardrobe: Spring Basics eBook:

This eBook gives you 90 different outfit ideas and access to a private online shopping guide to shop the exact outfits and additional styles.  Click here for this eBook.


Activewear Basics:


Warm weather gives you every excuse to be outside.  After spending much of last season indoors, it’s nice to start enjoying some of your outdoor activities - hiking adventures, outdoor workout sessions, playing with your kids to coaching.  As important as it is to have your basics for your day-to-day style, you also need your activewear basics.

With these 24 basics, you’ll also have a mix of both neutral and colored pieces and prints.

And for those days you’re looking for a laid-back and casual athleisure look, switch it up and wear some of your activewear pieces. You’ll still look as stylish!


Below are two spring outfit ideas from Activewear Basics eBook:


This eBook gives you 100 outfit ideas plus access to a private online shopping guide to shop exact pieces and additional styles.  Click here to get this eBook.


Your basics hold the power of creating a style that makes you feel confident, saves you money and makes it easy to look good.

Invest in your basics and watch the outfits in your wardrobe unfold.

Loving your work. You have single-handedly cured me of a compulsive desire to shopshopshop. I am now looking at my wardrobe with love and excitement.
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Wardrobe Build eBooks:

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