Spring Update

Hi guys - happy spring! I wanted to give you an update as we’re now in a new season and a lot of things are happening around The Daileigh.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on my spring and activewear eBooks, mapping out the seasons new blog content and creating - not getting much sleep but it’s worth it.  


To give you a little insight into my creative process - my editor reviews and proofs all of my eBook content and I handle everything else - the design, visuals to layout.  I’m far from a perfectionist but when it comes to my eBooks, I become not only a perfectionist but a little OCD. I value you you guys and appreciate the continued support.  I love being able to create content that helps you live a more fashionable lifestyle - we all deserve it.


Outside of my recent trip to California, my social and weekend life is on hold while I’m knee deep in my creative process.  We’re not even one week into spring and we’ve already had a snowstorm and one random day of snow flurries and sunshine.. But that’s Maryland (east coast) weather for you!


Here’s one of my latest outfits transitioning my favorite winter staple, faux fur into spring.  I have a faux fur addiction and own them in pretty much every single color. They’re an easy throw on that can instantly transform any outfit.  



Outfit Pieces That You Can Shop:

Bag: Shop | Green Pumps: Shop | Baseball Cap: Shop


I don’t typically release an eBook collection prior to a season starting because you can still continue to wear your winter clothes, now.  I am all about maximizing my wardrobe options which is what I show you throughout my eBooks. Why pack away your clothes when you can still wear them? Transitioning Your Wardrobe: Winter To Spring eBook is step one to your spring style.  My eBooks show you a more affordable way to looking and feeling good. You don’t need to have a ton of options, you just to need to have the right options that make it easier to be stylish and learn how to mix and match them.


Activewear Basics eBook is the newest release, you can shop it: here.


And here is a peek at Building A Wardrobe: Spring Basics eBook which will be available to purchase this week.  

Spring Basics


I love the 100 outfits laid out, the focus for this season outside of your neutral colors is pink and blue.  The outfits throughout this eBook scream spring.. I’ve already purchased a few pieces from it. Every single outfit included in this eBook you can shop the pieces!  I can’t wait to share it with you all.


On a side note: my mother struggles with creating outfits and building a functional wardrobe so I always get her feedback on my eBooks and she has already started shopping from this eBook. Look out for it later this week!