How To Transform Your Workout Style


Working out only gives you yet another reason to have a stylish wardrobe - being chic while sweating it out is a thing.  Your go-to leggings can be styled to be more chic, a basic tank can look more fashionable in the gym, while hiking to coaching.. You just need to have a good selection of pieces to pull it off.

How To Transform Your Workout Style


Adding In The Right Pieces


Anytime you’re adding pieces into your wardrobe you want to have a strategy.  Without a strategy you’ll find yourself with a ton of random pieces that aren’t easy to mix and match that’ll result in confining yourself to wearing only a few pieces out of your entire wardrobe.


With your activewear collection, you want to start building with the basics.


Here are 3 recommended basics:

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#1: Tank

#2: Sweatshirt/Hoodie

#3: Leggings


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This list of 16 pieces is step one to transforming your workout style.


Maximizing Your Options


With your basics you’ll be able to easily mix and match all of your activewear pieces - those new additions to the ones you’re always wearing to create different outfits around the same pieces.  


Being bored with your workout attire is over.


If you want to add in a new print or color, you’ll already have different options to style it with making it easier for you to be more stylish with the clothes you have.


You only need to invest in a few pieces to create endless outfit options - yes, only a few pieces.  Shocking, right?


I’ve created a complete list of activewear basics with a style guide to help you narrow down the best styles for you, how to add in stylish pieces with 100 different outfit ideas mixing and matching your pieces in Building A Wardrobe: Activewear Basics.  


Your basics hold the key to being a more stylish you without always having to wear the same pieces or spending money to create new options.


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Wardrobe Building eBooks:

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