How To Dress In Early Spring


As a new season begins, it’s not quite time to break out clothes that cater to spring just yet.  The transition from winter to spring is a gradual process that’ll often leave you feeling a little confused as to what to wear.  I like to call this time, confused dressing. With the weather going back and forth, you know it’s not really time to fully commit to all things spring.


During this time, it’s not a reason to spend money on new clothes because you have more than enough options within your closet.  And during this transition time you have even more options. In order to be the best fashionable you, you have to know how to work your wardrobe - mixing and matching like it’s your job so you’re able to create new outfits around your clothes without having to spend money.


Early spring means you can wear a little bit of everything because of the wavering weather changes - you can break out your sleeveless garments, shorter hemlines to open toe shoes but in most cases, wearing these items means you’ll need to balance out these spring pieces so you’re comfortable and your outfit works for that days weather.


Being able to transition your pieces throughout different seasons, you’ll watch the endless outfit options within your wardrobe unfold without even realizing you didn’t need to spend a dollar to make this happen.


The most important step to make this transition seamless is having invested in pieces that’ll allow you to wear your clothes differently in each season - your (1) wardrobe basics (click here for eBook) and (2) winter basics (click here for eBook).


Dressing better starts from within your wardrobe, using the clothes you have without needing to splurge on pieces that you’ll end up struggling to wear.  Dressing better includes filling your wardrobe with pieces that’ll make it easier for you to feel and look stylish. Once a season ends, your first thought isn’t to shop; but instead, it’s time to get creative and start styling my pieces for the new season.


In Transitioning Your Wardrobe: Winter to Spring eBook, you’ll learn how to style your winter pieces for warmer weather.. and the different weather that comes with spring.  This eBook is step one to building your spring wardrobe, teaching you how to create different outfits from your closet instead of shopping for new options, from there you’ll be able to start filling in the gaps.


Below are five pieces you can wear in and out of the office in early spring with 80 different ways of styling each one within Transitioning Your Wardrobe: Winter to Spring eBook.


What To Wear In Early Spring



Maximizing your wardrobe starts from within your wardrobe.  This eBook will teach you how to save money, create more outfits and be better dressed with the clothes you have.