What To Wear To Brunch In Winter

Taking a break from “real life” responsibilities and grabbing brunch to catch up with your girlfriends is always a good remedy after a long week.  As much as you look forward to having a good time with your girlfriends, the thought of what to put on can be a little stressful.  Of course, you want to look and feel good but you don’t want to show up looking like life has gotten the best of you. You want to know you’re in an amazing outfit, but again.. What do you wear?


Do you need to rush to the mall to buy something? Or, are you stuck wearing your fail-safe go-to outfits that you always wear?


You most likely end up settling on an outfit that you always wear.  You always struggle to put together something new with the clothes in your closet, so your easiest bet is sticking to your norm.


Not exciting at all.


If you’re always finding it challenging to wear the clothes you spent your money on - shopping for new clothes isn’t the answer.  The problem is your wardrobe lacks the basic pieces so you’re able to mix and match everything you have over and over again to create new outfits without dropping a dollar on new items.


Brunch is your day off, on your day off you deserve to look and feel good about your outfit am I right or am I right?!


When you have a functional wardrobe filled with your wardrobe basics and winter basics, you can go to your closet and easily put together an outfit with your clothes without having to resort to wearing the same pieces.


The 24 winter basics I covered in Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook show you the different garments, accessories and shoes that’ll allow you to mix and match your winter pieces all season long.  With 100 different outfits laying out how to wear the same pieces differently, you can easily pick an outfit and swap out one of the items for something you’ve been struggling to style… and it’s that simple.


Your winter basics make it easier for you to spend less on clothes and create more outfits with the clothes in your closet.  Anytime something does pop up on your social calendar, no sweat, you’ll have plenty of options within your wardrobe to choose from and spending money on something new isn’t even a thought that crosses your mind.


Make picking out your outfits for your days off much easier and less stressful by relying your winter wardrobe basics.


Below are 5 different outfits pulled from Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook with a different item in place of a winter basic to illustrate how easy it can be to create outfits around all of those items you’ve been struggling to wear.


Click here for all 100 winter outfits


Use these 100 outfits as your guide to begin creating winter outfits around all the clothes you’re not wearing.


Outfit #1:


The printed blouse that you just had to have but could never put together an outfit for it, swap out a top for your blouse and you’ll finally be able to wear it.  P.S. leather pants can totally work for the day and they don’t always have to be dressed up.  This eBook also shows you different ways to dress up and dress down your clothes.


Outfit #2:


How often do you find yourself in a jumpsuit? If you don’t own one yet, invest in one.  Just like your leather pants, you can also wear a jumpsuit in a more casual way.  Instead of the obvious one pieces - a dress, swap out a dress from this eBook and warm up to wearing a different kind of one piece, you’ll have plenty of other ways to wear it so you won’t have to struggle with creating more outfits around it.  Sneakers, a jumpsuit, a leather jacket and printed clutch - chic, casual and stylish.  


Outfit #3:


Opt for a sweater dress and swap out a layer for this green trench jacket adding a nice pop of color to your outfit.  Your winter basics is where you start to add more variety into your wardrobe through added colors and prints.  This pop of green (or the color you choose) is an easy way to add a little personality to simple all-black outfit.


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Outfit #4:


Mix it up - play around with a color and print to create a look filled with personality.  It makes wearing colors much easier because you’ll have plenty of wears to incorporate color into your outfits without creating a look that feels too over the top.  This outfit is the perfect mix of fun, casual and dressy.


Outfit #5:



Go for the laid-back chic look and opt for an off-the-shoulder oversized sweatshirt paired with your leather pants, sneakers and a pop of color through your accessories.  If you’re struggling with how to add color into your wardrobe, this eBook makes the process easier for you.  If you live for the athleisure style, this outfit is right up your alley.


Putting together outfits is 10 times easier when you have the basic pieces in your wardrobe.  Head to brunch with your girlfriends in style minus the headache of putting together a stylish look!


Click here for Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook

What To Wear To Brunch In Winter

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