How To Wear Prints At Work


Apart of being stylish is being able to create looks that exude your personal taste and personality.  It’s very easy to gravitate towards all things neutral, how can you not? Their easy to style and you don’t have to struggle to put an outfit together around them where prints it may not be that easy for you.


Prints is just one way you can add personality to your look.  It could very well be that printed belt or that printed skirt that really elevates your neutral based look and helps to make your look your own.  


Do you sometimes get dressed, look in the mirror and feel like your outfit is missing something? Well, an easy fix could be adding on a print.  While those bold and standout prints may seem intimidating there are also neutral and muted prints.  You have options.  You don’t have to rule out prints altogether because they seem “too loud” for you; instead, opt for a toned down shade and/or a smaller item; such as, an accessory or shoe.


Mixing prints into your wardrobe gives you more ways to style the same pieces differently.  You can update some of your go-to outfits that you may be tired of wearing the same way with an added print to switch up - nothing too major but it’ll create a different look for you.


Being stylish and feeling good about what you’re wearing doesn’t have an on and off switch, so you don’t have to worry about sticking to a “play it safe” attire just because you’re heading into work.  You can be just as stylish in the office as you are outside of the office.


A rule of thumb to go by when incorporating prints into your work outfits, rely on your wardrobe basics as a way to balance out your print.  Because your wardrobe basics are neutral tones, they’ll help to tone down your print, allow it to feel more wearable and practical without feeling overwhelmed or as if you’re trying to be too trendy on the job.  You can be on trend at work without being too trendy with the help of your wardrobe basics.  If your wardrobe lacks the basics: start here.


Look the part.  Be the part.


Don’t allow your 9 to 5 subject you to a style that’s not you!


Below are 6 ways to style prints at work.  These outfits are samples from my eBook, How To: Wear and Mix Prints.  This eBook teaches you how to feel more confident when styling one print, mixing different prints and accessorizing neutral and bold prints.  It’ll teach you different ways to add a little personality to look, how to coordinate your outfits to how to create balance so you’re creating a look that you feel comfortable and stylish in.


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How To Wear Prints