How To Start A Blog


Blogging has changed over the last few years, today it’s almost like who doesn’t have a blog? It’s a lot different now than it was.


A few years ago, to start your blog you just needed to start - launch your website and get going but here we are 2018 and it’s completely different now.  Launching your blog is the last thing you want to do first when you’re looking to begin your blog.


I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years now, then it was very simple.  Blogging was just bursting onto the scenes, not too many were familiar with what a blog was and for many it was just something to do for fun.  Instagram wasn’t even around when I started blogging and your way of growing your audience was visiting other blogs and leaving comments -- how times have changed.

How To Start A Blog


The blogging world has completely transformed since then and it’s a bigger ball game now.  You have the opportunity to turn your blog into a business, quit your job and work for yourself, work with brands to making an extra source of income.  Because the stakes are so high now, jumping headfirst into putting up your website and blogging is no longer step one.


For the simple reason, everyone has a blog.  If you launch without a strategy and just expect things to happen, you’re only making it harder on yourself.  Because everyone has a blog, you need to know how your blog is going to stand out.  Going into blogging thinking all you need to do is post photos on your blog and share on your Instagram account, this is probably only 10% of the work you need to put in, that’s the easy part.


When talking to my readers and clients, the common theme for those that have launched without a strategy goes something like this: they’re so excited to launch their blog, they setup their blog and launch, do a few posts, sharing their new posts on their social media pages, weeks go by and they’re not seeing anything.  Their audience isn’t growing, their running out of ideas on what to write about, they don’t know what to write about and they have no idea on how they can grow a more engaged audience.  The excitement soon fades, they start to feel discouraged and blogging becomes more inconsistent and at some point they either give up or continue to post here and there without getting the results that they want.


There is a way to avoid this.


I’ve created two products for you to help you start your blog the right way.


How do I know what I’m talking about? Checkout my blog post: How I Turned My Blog Into My Full-Time Business


Blogging Beginners Guide

This guide takes you step-by-step through everything you need to do before you even think about launching your blog.  It teaches you how to setup up things on the backend so your blog can run smoothly once you do launch.  From how to narrow down your niche to blog name, it helps you pinpoint what your blog will focus on so you can then start to build it out.


Click here for Blogging Beginners Guide


Define Your Brand Workbook


After completing Blogging Beginners Guide, in Define Your Brand Workbook this is where you breakdown all the details of your brand, how you’ll be different from what everyone else is doing to narrowing down who needs your brand the most so it’s easier for you to create content that’ll grow your audience and blog.


If you’ll be offering a product or service, this workbook will help you pinpoint the type of content to create to market yourself.


Defining your brand is the step that helps you figure out how you’re going to position your blog to stand out.


Click here for Define Your Brand Workbook


Many opportunities can come from blogging; however, so many get caught up in trying to do what they see everyone else doing thinking that’s what they need to do in order to see growth.  What someone else is doing doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.


These two products help you build your own brand and show you exactly what you need to do to start building and growing.


I’ve been exactly where you’re at right now and have been able to run my blog alongside my then full-time job, quit my 9 to 5 and run my blog and expand into a full-time consulting business.  These products have all played a role in me being able to make that happen.