How To Wear Jeans At Work


If your job allows a more flexible or casual work attire the last thing you want to do is stroll into work with a thrown together look just because you can.  While a casual look may surround majority casual pieces - jeans, maybe a tee, you can still pull off a casual and polished look for a day at work.


Pulling off a casual look still requires putting forth effort in putting together your look because you still want to look the part; for example, if your outfit is a tee and a pair of jeans, what else can you add to your look to help polish it up a bit?


I breakdown 24 different pieces - shoes, accessories and clothes that you can add to any outfit to help add a dressier touch to it or those pieces that’ll help add a casual element to a dressier outfit.  These 24 pieces covered in this eBook will allow transitioning your pieces through different outfits easier and allow you to wear a super casual outfit but still look stylish and chic.


Wearing jeans at work requires balance with your look; having a mix of both casual and dressy pieces will make it easier for you to pull off a casual and laid-back look but still look the part.  Since you can wear jeans year-round, below are 6 different ways you can style your jeans at work in winter and spring.


Using Your Wardrobe Basics


Those 24 pieces I mentioned, happen to be your basics.  The pieces you can style with everything in your wardrobe.  Even though they’re basic pieces, you can still dress them up.  In Build + Maximize Your Wardrobe: The Basics eBook you’ll learn how to simplify your wardrobe and the pieces you need to have to mix and match your clothes.  Putting together casual outfits that don’t feel thrown together is easier to pull off with your basics.


Below are 2 out of the 140 outfit ideas included with this eBook:




Dress Up Your Jeans


Because you can pair your basics with everything in your closet, they are the most valuable pieces in your wardrobe.  You can use these pieces to create outfits around every single piece you own.  Instead of feeling like you need to constantly shop because you’re lacking certain pieces or need a more “dressier” look, you can use your basics to dress up or dress down everything in your closet.  In Build + Maximize Your Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, you’ll have a breakdown of all 24 pieces in their intended casual or dressy categories so you know which pieces you can to any outfit to dress it up or dress it down.  It’s an easy fix and more affordable than shopping to add in new pieces. You'll also have access to a private online shopping guide so you can start updating your wardrobe with the basic pieces.


You’ll have over 50 more outfits with this eBook bundle showing you how to transition your basics through different seasons.  Below are two outfits from this eBook, showing you two more ways to pull off wearing jeans at work.


See, your basics can be just as stylish!  Throughout this eBook, you'll also learn how to add in different neutral colors and prints giving you more options on styling your pieces over and over to create new outfits around your clothes.




Winter Basics


Even though you can wear your basics year-round, you still want pieces in your wardrobe that cater to different seasons.  Your winter basics also include a mix of casual and dressy pieces so it’s easier for you to create an outfit for any occasion without having to spend money on new clothes.  


Adding in your seasonal pieces is where you start to diversify your wardrobe and add in more color and different prints.  Update your go-to jeans look for a day at work with an added print or pop of color.


Below are 2 out of the 100 outfit ideas included in Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook.




This eBook lays out 24 winter basics, 100 different ways to wear your winter clothes plus an online shopping guide, remember, your basics are classic pieces that are always on trend each season, every year which is why they’re your basics.  They are your foundation pieces that allow you build out your outfits and mix and match everything you have in your closet.  With your basics, you don’t need to spend as much money on clothes because you’ll have a wardrobe filled with options and know how to create different outfits around the same pieces.


Click here for winter basics + 100 outfit ideas



Winter To Spring


One of advantages of adding in your wardrobe basics and winter basics is you can easily transition these pieces into different seasons.  Just because your winter basics work for cold weather, you can still wear them in spring.  Maximizing your wardrobe starts from within your wardrobe, not spending money.


Once you take the time to invest in your basics, your life will be much easier when getting dressed each day and more exciting putting together new outfits around your pieces.  Come spring, transition your winter pieces into spring and swap out a piece for a spring basic instead.


Transitioning Your Wardrobe: Winter To Spring eBook shows you 80 different ways to get more way out of your winter pieces in warm weather.  

Click here for this eBook


Spring Basics

Update your work outfits with lighter shades in spring.  These two outfits are from Building A Wardrobe: Spring Basics eBook.  All 100 outfits you can shop!

Click here for this eBook


You can make your money stretch when you have your basics.


Jeans, one of the most basic and casual garments can be just as stylish as any other outfit - and piling on jewelry or wearing heels isn’t the answer.  Learn how to use your basics to make your life easier to maximize your outfit options, save you money and allow you to feel more stylish in every outfit you put on.


The key with pulling off casual and polished looks is being intentional with how you’re building out your outfits, each piece you add to your outfit has a role.  When you understand what type of garments, accessories and shoes to add to your outfit, you’ll have endless outfit options within your wardrobe.  This eBook here and here teaches you what to focus on when styling your outfits.


Update Your Jeans Collection:


You can pull off just about any style at work - ankle, straight, bootcut, boyfriend to flare; the only style I would refrain from wearing is distressed jeans with a lot of holes and tears.



Start Getting More Wear Out Of Your Clothes Without Always Spending! Your Next Steps:


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How To Wear Jeans At Work

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