How To Dress Down Slacks

Slacks, dressy pants are only meant for in the office or when you want to dress up, right? Wrong!


Question to ask yourself: do you love to look good without having to (1) always spend money to create new options in your closet or (2) resort to wearing the same outfits?


This I’m sure is an obvious yes.


However, it’s extremely hard to avoid falling victim to constant spending and/or being stuck in the same outfits when you label your clothes as “dressy” or “casual” and only wear them that way.  Sure, a pair of slacks maybe dressier but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them in a casual and put together way.


One of the tricks to being able to create different outfits around your clothes without always shopping is learning how to toss those labels aside and learn how to maximize your wardrobe.


You have to learn how to shop from within, not shop to spend.

How To Dress Down Slacks


The only way to get more wear out of your clothes and be able to mix and match everything in your closet is simple, here’s the key:


1- Invest in your wardrobe basics


You can pair your basics with everything single item you have.  Those colored blouses, striped blazer to your favorite red jacket, you can style your basics with each of these garments and they’ll be an instant match.  No hesitation included.


That new skirt or that new dress that you recently bought, you’ll have a ton of ways to style them with the help of your basics.

Invest in your basics, shop less.


Update your wardrobe with the basics:


2- Stop labeling your garments


Wearing your dressy pieces only when you want to dress up or your casual pieces when you’re going for laid back look only is eliminating half of the outfit options in your closet.  Everything you have can be dressed up or dressed down.


Did you think you had to spend money every time you needed a new outfit? You don’t.  In fact, that’s the quickest way to waste your money.  Shopping for new options instead of shopping from within is only filling up your wardrobe with random pieces, single outfits to one-time wears.  If you ever feel like you have a closet filled with clothes and nothing to wear, this is why.


With your basics you can dress up and dress your clothes and create different outfits around the same pieces… without having to shop, shop, shop.

Click here to learn how to use your basics to dress up and down everything in your closet


In this blog post here, I shared four tops you can style with anything.  Because you can style your basics with anything they’re an instant match to all of your dressy pants and slacks.  These four tops are both casual and dressy but adding a dressier top a dressy pant doesn’t mean you won’t be able to dress down your look, with your basics there is always a way.


Here you have four different outfits surrounding one pair of slacks, you see how your basics just created four different outfits for you?




You can add flats or a pair of heels to either look, layer it and accessorize and still be able to dress down these outfits.  In Build + Maximize Your Wardrobe: The Basics eBook I break down your wardrobe basics into dressy and casual categories allowing you to see which styled garments, shoes and accessories you can add to any outfit to either dress it up or dress it down.  


Understanding how to use your basics to dress up/dress down your clothes doesn’t only save you money or give you more outfit options it helps you save time.  Think about all the times you’ve gotten dressed just to not love your outfit and then switch in and out of different outfits.  When you know how to complete your outfits to dress it up or dress it down, you’ll be able to quickly get dressed, stick to the outfit you wanted to wear and allow your basics to finish off your look if its too dressy or too casual for you.


In short, your wardrobe basics are your fashion lifesavers.  Click here to get this eBook.


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