Sweater Dresses For Every Age

Sweater dresses work for any age and surprisingly enough can be worn year-round.  This wardrobe staple comes in different styles, colors, lengths to fits making it easier for you to transition this garment through different seasons, events and occasions.  While this styled dress may appear to be more casual, you know in my books, these labels don’t exist.  You can easily pull off a casual or dressy look in and out of the office surrounding a sweater dress.


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A sweater dress is one of my recommended winter wardrobe basics as covered in my eBook, here.  With the different ways to style a sweater dress  laid out in this eBook, with the right pieces, you can easily transition your garments into spring.

Sweater Dresses For Every Age


Instead of confining your pieces to one season, learn how to work them into other seasons and get more wear out of your clothes (minus the constant shopping)!


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Sweater Dresses For Every Age


If your wardrobe is lacking this style or could use another color or print, use my below shopping guide to update your wardrobe:


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