How To Simplify Your Wardrobe


Struggling to make sense out of a cluttered wardrobe filled with random pieces, items you don’t even know that you have to a bunch of one-time wears or never worn items usually has you wearing the same outfits, the same pieces without doing anything different.


Having a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear is your sign to start simplifying your wardrobe and making sense out of your pieces in order to feel more stylish.


Simplifying your wardrobe will make it easier for you to quickly pick out your outfits, mix and match your pieces and love the style you’re in.

How To Simplify Your Wardrobe


Below are 5 steps to take you from cluttered and unorganized to functional and stylish:


#1: Knowing Your Personal Style


The easiest way to fill your wardrobe with pieces that you’ll never wear is buying pieces just because.  In order to create a wardrobe filled with clothes that you’ll wear is knowing the different styles to add into your wardrobe.


Not sure what your style is? Checkout this blog post - Defining Your Personal Style


#2: Pinpointing The Pieces To Add To Your Wardrobe


Creating a functional wardrobe goes hand-in-hand with not only knowing your personal style but also understanding what you need that’ll work for your day-to-day.  Having a strategy when shopping will help you to save thousands and create a wardrobe filled with clothes that you’ll actually wear.


To help you pinpoint the pieces to add into your wardrobe, I’ve created a three-step process that’ll help you breakdown what your wardrobe is lacking and what to add to it.  Your goal is to create a wardrobe of pieces that you’ll be able to wear; without a strategy or not knowing what to add in only creates a cluttered and unorganized space where you end up wearing the same outfits and pieces.


Changing how you’re spending will help create a simplified space - everything you’re adding in is intentional, not just a random or impulsive purchase.


Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook will take you through this three-step process and show you how to be smarter when it comes to shopping for clothes.


Knowing how to shop will bring you one step closer to creating a more functional space.


#3: Investing In Your Wardrobe Basics


Having a functional space means you’ll be able to mix and match everything in your closet to create different outfits around the same pieces.


When you’re only wearing some of your clothes when you have a closet full of options it’s because you don’t have the basic pieces that’ll allow you to maximize your options.


What are your basics?


A mix of casual and dressy neutral and minimal clothes, shoes and accessories that you can wear with everything.  Your basics make it easier for you to dress better with the clothes you have.  Your wardrobe basics are appropriate pieces for all ages and for any profession to lifestyle.


By adding in your basics you’re instantly creating a more functional space and simplifying how you can put together different outfits around every single piece you have.  You’ll go from wearing only a few pieces in your wardrobe to knowing how to create outfits around everything in your closet.  Your basics are essential to creating a functional and purposeful wardrobe.  


Click here for a complete list of your wardrobe basics


For all of those pieces you have in your closet that you don’t wear or know how to style, you’ll instantly have outfit ideas for them and know how to put together casual and dressy outfits around them.


Constant shopping to create new outfits is only creating more clutter and wasting more of your money.  9 times out 10, the pieces you’re spending money on usually ends up being a one-time wear, that is if you even get around to wearing it.


Start creating a functional space by investing in your wardrobe basics.  This eBook will help you narrow down what basics to add into your wardrobe and how to begin creating new outfits around those pieces you never wear.


#4: Adding In The Basics For Each Season


Outside of your year-round basics, each season has their own set of basics that serve the same purpose as your wardrobe basics - simplifying your wardrobe and allowing you to easily mix and match your clothes to avoid constant spending.


You don’t need a ton of pieces to be stylish, you just need the right pieces.


Simplifying your wardrobe helps to cut down what you’re spending each year on clothes, once you invest in your wardrobe basics and seasonal basics you don’t have to spend anything else on clothes outside of that unless you choose to.. Which we do and that’s fine - we’re only human! But by having the right pieces, that struggle of buying and not knowing how to wear your clothes is no longer an issue because you have all the right pieces needed to create outfit after outfit and be able to transition your clothes through the different seasons.


Do you want to be able to create different outfits around the same pieces without always spending money?

Don’t you want it to be easier to transition your clothes through different seasons and events to cut back on spending?

Do you want to be able to put more money towards things you enjoy doing and not just spending/wasting on clothes?


You need your basics to make this happen.


Click here for your winter basics


Click here for your spring basics


#5: Organizing Your Wardrobe


The final step to simplifying your wardrobe once you’ve filled in the gaps is to organize.  You’ll have the right pieces needed to simplify your space, now let’s organize it so each morning it’s a breeze to pick out your outfit and get your day started on the right foot.


Download my Organizing Your Wardrobe Guide - click here


Simplify, save money and shop from within your closet.  Your wardrobe basics are the key to it all!