How To Prep Your Wardrobe For Spring During Winter

As we approach the end of one season, you have to start thinking about the coming season and prepping your wardrobe for it.  It can definitely be a little confusing as to what to wear now, what clothes you should pack away to what you should be shopping for.  But one thing is for sure, a new season doesn’t mean you have spend a ton of money on a new wardrobe.  You actually don’t need to spend as much as you think you need to.

How To Prep Your Wardrobe For Spring


Taking Inventory Of Your Wardrobe


You have a closet full of clothes but never have anything to wear, right? Truth is, you have a lot more outfit options than you think, you’re just lacking the right pieces to bring it all together so you can mix and match your items over and over to create new outfits.


The 24 wardrobe basics I cover in this eBook, are the key pieces that’ll allow you to create different outfits around the same pieces, transition your clothes through different seasons and allow you to mix and match everything you have to create different outfits around your clothes.  Your wardrobe basics are year-round pieces making it easier for you to spend less money on clothes and allow you to create more outfits with the clothes in your closet.


Going into a new season, you’ll probably want to add in a few new pieces and that’s totally normal and expected.  The difference this time is anytime you spend money on a new item, you’ll already have plenty of outfit options for your new pieces already with your wardrobe basics.  This will help you avoid shopping for specific pieces, complete outfits and creating a wardrobe filled with random pieces or one-time wears.


To ensure that every item you add into your wardrobe is something you’ll actually wear and not a result of an impulsive purchase, go back to the three-step process covered in Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook that helps you pinpoint the different styles that your wardrobe needs and will work for your day-to-day.  No need to be splurging on pieces just because you like them but probably will never wear, right? These three steps will teach you how to be more strategic with how you’re spending your money and more intentional with what you’re adding into your wardrobe - no more one-time wears or struggling to style your clothes!  


Once you have an idea on the spring items you’d like to add into your wardrobe it’s time to look at your winter pieces.


Transitioning Your Winter Pieces Into Spring


Just because it’s a new season doesn’t mean to pack away all things winter, this approach is one of the quickest ways that you’re eliminating options within your wardrobe and sorry to say, wasting your money.  The end of winter means you have more options and ways to wear your pieces differently in spring.


Majority of your clothes can be worn year-round with the help of your wardrobe basics.  There will be seasonal pieces that’ll work best for certain temperatures but outside of those few pieces, most of your clothes can transition right into spring.


Winter clothes in spring = MORE outfit options for you


Instead of packing away your favorite winter pieces, learn how to style them and combine them with different winter and spring pieces so they’ll work for spring’s weather.  In Transitioning Your Wardrobe: Winter To Spring eBook, you’ll learn how to double your outfit options and create different outfits around your winter pieces to wear throughout spring.

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Being able to transition your clothes into a new season will not only save you a lot of money but it’ll also start opening your eyes to the fact that you don’t really need to spend a lot of money on clothes to be fashionable or in a new outfit.  With the right pieces, it’s 10 times easier to be more stylish with the clothes in your closet.


In my opinion, you don’t need to put away any of your winter clothes or shoes away right now or even when spring begins.  Slowly start breaking out your spring clothes so you can start mixing and matching them with your winter pieces.


Need tips on how to organize your wardrobe? Checkout my blog post: How To Organize Your Wardrobe


How To Shop Now


The obvious way to be spending your money right now is shopping for new items to wear in spring but I’m all about being a smart shopper and I want you to not only be more strategic with how you spend but realize you don’t have to be spend a lot to look and feel good; so at the end of winter, right now is a great time to be spending on WINTER pieces.


Yes, winter.


Reason being, majority of winter stuff is marked down as retailers are getting ready for spring so now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with some winter pieces and rack up while items are on sale.  Those $300 boots that you’ve been eyeing but were hesitant to make that investment, now is the time to be hunting around for them to see if they’re on sale and purchase.

Adding in winter pieces at the end of winter doesn’t mean you won’t be able to wear them, you can.  Transitioning Your Wardrobe: Winter To Spring eBook will show you how to continue to wear your winter pieces in warmer weather.


Save more money by updating your fall and winter wardrobe now at the end of the season.  I’ve taken this approach for the past several years and have been able to save so much money by  taking advantage of end of the season sales.  


There is no immediate need to buy all things spring at the end of winter because it’s not like the weather changes instantly.  Keep your eyes on those spring items - buy if you want to OR adapt my pin and stalk method to save yourself even more money.


Pin and Stalk Method


This method is a way for you to shop around online, track what you want but don’t spend just yet.  A good way to track your finds is by using Pinterest.  Create a board where you can pin all of the items you’ve come across online and want to buy.  Having all of these items in one place will make it easier so you can then constantly check back to see if (1) they’re on sale, (2) inventory, you don’t want them to sell out, and (3) it’ll allow you to weigh your options.  For example, if you have a pair of booties that you love on one site, search for them on another site, pin those items as well and continue to check both sites.  You never know when an unexpected sale may come about.  So, yes this will require a little stalking, but hey it saves you money!


These little tricks that I use along with investing in my basics have saved me so much money over the years and it make easier for me to be in a new outfit, no matter the occasion, with the clothes I have in my closet.


Surprised at how little you could be spending or saving? You can look and feel good with the clothes you have without always having to spend money.


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