4 Winter Tops That You Can Wear With Anything

Living in a place that goes through different seasons throughout the year can make it a little tricky when it comes to adding in pieces to your wardrobe - you’ll have those pieces that’ll work whenever, year-round.  And you’ll also need pieces that’ll cater to the weather changes.  The question is, is it possible to add in pieces that’ll be easy to transition through the seasons to avoid spending money on clothes to only wear them for one season?


Of course.


You can look and feel good about what you’re wearing without needing to spend a lot of money, when you’re (1) strategic with how you’re spending and (2) you have invested in the basic pieces.

4 Winter Tops You Can Wear With Anything


Having A Strategy


Do you really need half of the stuff you see that you love and feel like you need? Probably not.  Normally when you give into those impulsive purchases, they usually wind up being a one-time or you never get around to wearing them because you don’t know how to style it.   In order to get the most out of what you’re spending, you need to know what makes sense for your lifestyle.  If you need help with pinpointing the different styles that your wardrobe needs and how to fill the gaps, I created a three-step Q&A in my eBook, Building A Wardrobe: The Basics.


Knowing what you need will allow you to wear all of your clothes not just a select few pieces and cut your spending costs in half.


Investing In Your Basics


You have your year-round basics and your seasonal basics; these are the pieces your wardrobe needs.  Your basics allow you to mix and match your clothes to create different outfits, they’re in every season and once you add them into your wardrobe, you have no need to build a new wardrobe.. ever again.  Freeing yourself up from the constant spending and struggling to put together outfits with your clothes.


Instead of resorting to wearing only some of the clothes in your closet and struggling to create new looks, use your wardrobe basics to create outfits around all of the clothes you have sitting in your closet that you never wear.


4 Winter Tops That Can Work With Anything


Being strategic with what you add into your wardrobe will create a more versatile selection of casual and dressy pieces giving you way more outfit options than spending to add in new pieces.  In Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook I breakdown 24 different pieces that you can easily mix and match with each other.   Because you can wear your basics with anything, you can then begin adding to your wardrobe with different colors and prints and already have outfit options for these pieces.  This eBook also gives you 100 different ways to style your winter pieces in and out of the office.

For every bottom you’re struggling to find the perfect top for to wear in and out of the office, these four winter tops will be an instant match:


#1: Plaid Top


#2: Long Sleeved Top


#3: Turtleneck


#4: Sweater

Click here for the complete list of 24 winter wardrobe basics

Once you’ve taken the time to build a functional wardrobe, you’ll find it more fun and much easier to get dressed and create new outfits with the clothes in your closet.


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