Winter Running Errands Outfits For Women Over 40


Trying to be stylish while running errands in cold weather usually means a pair of jeans and a sweater or tee - something quick and easy to throw on and go that doesn’t require much thought.  Trying to keep warm is usually the priority.  You probably have other options within your wardrobe but have no idea on how to style them so they’ll work for a day of running around or it may be because you have a bunch of random pieces in your closet that aren’t easy to mix and match.


If you usually shop for pieces for specific outfits or occasions, you’re an impulsive shopper or buy new things just because you like them is usually the reason why you’re struggling to create outfits with the clothes you have.


When you shift your focus from shopping just to shop and with no purpose to being more strategic with how you’re spending and focus on building a functional wardrobe, you’ll always have something new to wear with the clothes you have and not always need to spend money to create new outfit options.


Taking the time to invest adding in your winter wardrobe basics will make it easier for you to create different outfits around the same pieces so no matter the event or occasion, you’ll be able to easily put together an outfit - casual or dressy and be on your way.


In Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook I breakdown 24 different casual and dressy garments, shoes and accessories to add to your wardrobe that’ll work this season, next year and years to come.  Having a combination of both casual and dressy pieces will allow you to dress up your casual clothes and dress down the dressier ones so you’re able to transition your pieces through different outfits without always spending money.  With these 24 pieces you’ll be able to put together outfits that’ll work for a day of errands then style them differently to work for a day at work, brunch with your girlfriends to a day out with your kids.


A day of errands in a casual outfit can be just as stylish as any other outfit.  Just because it’s casual and easy to throw on doesn’t mean it can’t polished, stylish and put together.   Below are outfit examples included within Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook.  While these pieces are styled casually to cater to a day of errands this eBook will also show you other ways to wear these pieces in a dressier way that’ll work for other events and occasions.


Investing in your winter basics will make it easier for you to feel more confident and stylish with the clothes you have… and not needing to spend, spend, spend or resort to wearing the same outfits.


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Winter Running Errands Outfits For Women Over 40