Boots You Can Wear At Work In Winter and Spring


Heading into work doesn’t mean you have to resort to a plain and boring work attire and leave all of your stylish clothes behind.  While your job isn’t the place where you want to be too trendy you can still be stylish and on trend and look the part.


If you’re guilty of having two separate wardrobes - one for work clothes and one for your stylish pieces that you can wear outside of the office, you can actually combine the two and make your clothes work for both in and outside of the office.


The easiest way to mix and match your clothes to create outfits that’ll work for your day-to-day, is by investing in the basic pieces.  With your basics you’ll be able to create a clean and polished look for work even when wearing a pair of colored boots, style that blazer that you think is only appropriate for a night out without feeling too trendy in the office to creating new outfits around the same pieces.


With your wardrobe basics you’ll be able to have one functional wardrobe and be able to create an outfit for any occasion or event without having to constantly spend on new clothes or subject certain pieces to certain events or occasions.  You’ll be able to wear all of your clothes, when you want to and not have to wait until you clock out in order to do so.


In Building + Maximizing Your Wardrobe: The Basics eBook I show you the basics needed to create one solid wardrobe and how to create outfits around every item in your closet.  You’ll be able to easily transition those clothes you wear only outside of work and style them to create stylish yet appropriate work outfits then take the same pieces and create different outfits for when you’re off work.


Boots can work in and out of the office.  The only style boot I wouldn’t recommend wearing at work is over-the-knee boots, but tall, riding to ankle boots are all appropriate styles to wear at work.


While boots seem more fitting for colder weather, they can also work during spring.  I show you how to transition winter pieces, including boots, into spring in my eBook, Spring Wardrobe Essentials.


Below is my roundup of stylish and affordable boots that you can work in and out of the office!  If you need outfit ideas for styling your boots at work refer back to your winter basics style guide, here.

Boots You Can Wear At Work

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