Layers You Can Wear In And Out Of The Office

An added layer can sometimes be that one item that instantly elevates your outfit.  For those times you feel like your outfit is missing something, an easy solution is to add on a layer.  Your choice in layers will give your look a more personal touch and a little flare.


While you’re busy focusing on what winter basics to add into your wardrobe that you can easily mix and match with each other, those pieces that really exude your personal style or those pieces that you can’t easily pair with other items get forgotten.  The last thing you want to do is add in pieces that you think you’ll struggle to wear, so you skip over them. Or, you add them in and then never wear them.


But that’s easy to avoid when you’ve taken the time to add in your wardrobe basics, the pieces that are an instant match to every item in your closet.  All of those one-time wears, items you’ve purchased and never worn to the new pieces you add in - your basics will pair with them all!


It makes shopping a little more enjoyable because you know no matter what you add in, you’ll have plenty of options already to create different outfits around it.


The below jackets and blazers are full of character and easy to transition in and out of the office.  Even with the dressier styles with your wardrobe basics you’ll be able to dress it down and wear in more a casual way outside of the office or dress up the more casual styles.  So don’t get hung up on those “dressy” and “casual” labels, with your wardrobe basics, it’ll make getting dressed and putting together your outfits 10 times easier.


Make getting dressed more fun with my list of wardrobe basics: click here


If you’re in need of different ways to style these pieces, I’ve laid out 140 different outfit ideas surrounding your wardrobe basics in my eBook, Building A Wardrobe: The Basics.  All you need to do is pick an outfit that you want to wear and swap out the neutral layer with one of the below and voila it’s an instant match! So if you do buy any of the below selections, you’ll already have 140 different outfit ideas for your new purchase.

Layers You Can Wear In And Out Of The Office

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