How To Wear Winter Clothes In Spring


As you’re adding pieces into to your wardrobe, regardless of the season you’re in, you want to be able to get as much wear out of your pieces, right?


Spending money on clothes to only wear during one season isn’t the most cost-effective way to shopping or building your wardrobe.  I’m not a fan of confining items to certain seasons, I feel like majority of your clothes can be transitioned through different seasons and it be totally appropriate for the change in weather.


Just think about the amount of money you can save by learning how to transition your clothes through different seasons vs buying a new set of clothes to wear each season.  Not only will you save yourself money but you’ll be able to double the amount of outfits you have in your closet… without having to constantly shop.


Looking and feeling good is what you’re aiming for, breaking the bank while trying to do so isn’t.  When you’ve taken the time to invest in the right pieces, you’ll find it more easier to mix and match your clothes, create way more outfits and feel more stylish with the clothes you have.


In Transitioning Your Wardrobe: Winter To Spring eBook, I show you exactly how to take your winter essentials and style them for the spring weather.  This eBook teaches you how to maximize your wardrobe options before you even think about spending money on new pieces for spring.


Below are 3 ways to style 3 winter pieces - this parka, this vest and this chunky knit now and transition them into spring.  These outfits are examples included within Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics and Transitioning Your Wardrobe: Winter To Spring eBooks.


How To Wear Winter Clothes In Spring