4 Bottoms You Can Wear With Anything


Constantly struggling to pull off a stylish look without always having to resort to either settling on wearing the same outfits the same way or constant shopping to create new options boils down to one thing -- your wardrobe lacks the basic pieces.


If you’re facing your wardrobe filled with clothes and you’re thinking you never have anything to wear, 10 times out of 10, your wardrobe lacks the basic pieces.


Your solution may be to spend more money on new clothes thinking that’s the best way to create new outfits and be able to style some of the pieces you’re struggling to wear in your closet.  But going this route often leads to:


A) A wardrobe filled with random pieces.  This is why you’re struggling to mix and match your clothes.


B) A bunch of one-time wears.  You’re shopping for specific pieces to go with certain items you’re struggling to style in your wardrobe.


C) Buying to never wear.  Giving into those impulsive purchases most of the time often resorts in either a one-time wear or you never figuring out an outfit for it, so you spent money on it just to never wear it.


D) A ton of wasted money.  Spending money to create new options only leads to more items you’re going to eventually struggle to style and restyle.


With the right pieces, you don’t have to worry about any of the above.


Instead of spending money on new pieces, you can save yourself time and money by instead investing in the right pieces that’ll make it easier for you to mix and match everything in your closet to create new outfits around the same pieces.  You can have more options, more outfits without spending half of what you’re spending now.


Your wardrobe basics are pieces you can wear with any and everything in your closet.  You don’t have to second-guess if it’s a match or if it’ll look right… it will.  Your basics make your life less stressful and more fashionable.


Taking the time to build a functional wardrobe vs constant shopping for random pieces will get rid of that feeling of having a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear.  


In Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook and Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook, I break down the different clothes, accessories and shoes you can wear with anything.  Your wardrobe basics are a mix of neutral solid colors and your winter basics is where you begin adding in more neutral solid colors and neutral prints.  Like your neutral colors, neutral prints can be paired with everything as well.


Update your wardrobe with the basics:


Here are 4 different bottoms you can pair with anything:


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#1: Slacks


#2: Jeans


#3: Camo Pants


#4: Neutral (solid or printed) Skirt


If you’re thinking any of the above are too casual or too dressy for you - there is no such thing as labels.  Sure a garment may be a casual garment or a dressy garment but that doesn’t mean you can’t style them to dress them down or dress them up to make it more suitable for you and your day-to-day.  Anything can be dressed up or dressed down when you have the right pieces in your wardrobe.  


Throughout these eBooks not only will you learn the different pieces you can wear with anything but you’ll also learn how to maximize your wardrobe options and use your basics to help dress up or dress down your clothes so you can create new outfits around the same pieces for different occasions and events.


That new top you purchased because you loved it and had no idea on how you were going to wear it, you instantly have at least four different outfits for it.  




Throughout these eBooks you’ll learn what different layers, shoes and accessories to add to complete these outfits to help dress it down or dress it up some more.


Your wardrobe basics are your lifesavers, those when-in-doubt pieces that you can always count on year after year, season after season to create different outfits around your clothes.  Without them you’ll always face that daily struggle of putting an outfit together with the clothes in your closet.


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Wardrobe Building eBooks:

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