How To Style A Monochromatic Look Over 40

You know the saying, go big or go home? Well, sometimes “going big” can be a little overwhelming for some especially if that means wearing a bold tonal look when you’re not use to wearing standout colors.


While a monochromatic look is a statement look; whether you’re styling a neutral or color this look typically surrounds one color.  A monochromatic look is more than just a head-to-toe in one color; yes, that is one way you can put it together but there are other ways to style a monochromatic outfit.  And to be completely honest, sometimes, a look in head-to-toe one solid standout color can definitely be a little too much and very overwhelming.


One of the styling tricks I teach you in Monochromatic Dressing eBook is offsetting your look with an opposite color.  This color can be any color of your choice - another standout color, toned down color to a neutral but this add-on color helps to break up the color or color play making your look feel more wearable, practical and polished.


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I don’t believe in wearing certain colors for certain seasons, why limit a color you love to just one season? In my opinion, any color can work when you want it to, there are no rules in fashion.  Of course, there are certain colors that seem more fitting for a season; such as, burgundy’s and darker shades for fall and winter, you can wear these colors year-round.


Burgundy and red are two colors that I include as winter staples in my eBook, Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics.  When you start incorporating colors into your wardrobe, it gives you more options to be more creative and create different looks around your pieces without always having to shop.  Outside of your neutral shades, you can now start creating monochromatic looks with your colored pieces and using my tip from Monochromatic Dressing eBook, offsetting your look with a second color to break it up.


The below outfits are included in Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook where you’ll learn how to start diversifying your wardrobe with different colors and prints with 100 different ways to style your pieces throughout winter.


Go Red:




These outfits can work in and out of the office.  With the help of your other winter staples covered in this eBook, you’ll learn how to also style these pieces with other casual and dressy garments so you’re able to create different outfits around the same pieces.


Go Burgundy:




With the right pieces and a functional wardrobe it’s 10 times easier to put together stylish outfits around the same pieces and not always having to spend money!  For the outfits with heels, you can easily swap them out for a more casual shoe or the outfits with a flat, you can swap them out for a more dressier shoe.  Point is, you always have options.  You’ll always have plenty of outfit ideas in your closet so you’re not stuck wearing the same pieces.


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How To Style A Monochromatic Look Over 40

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