Update Your Winter Capsule With Holiday Wear

A winter capsule provides you with a wardrobe plan for an entire season filled with clothes, shoes, and accessories that are practical for your day-to-day. These pieces offer you a perfect selection so you can mix and match your clothes to create endless outfits all season long, minimize your spending and maximize the options in your closet.

Because your capsule wardrobe tends to focus more on your daily activities, most of the time, occasion wear gets left out. You’re not thinking of adding glitz and glam to your wardrobe for your day-to-day, or you could be, but not sure on how to make it wearable without feeling overdressed.

However, ‘tis the season for holiday parties to family gatherings.

The best part about creating a capsule wardrobe, you already have the essentials in place. So, adding new items to your closet; like holiday wear, you have plenty of ways to wear your new things and mix and match them with pieces in your capsule.

And after the holiday season comes to an end, you can continue to wear these pieces with your winter essentials.

Adding Holiday Wear

Unless you plan on attending a lot of black-tie events this holiday season, your holiday wear can imitate your everyday pieces but with some festive flair.

There are a few ways you can make your look feel more festive:

  1. Sparkle - sequins or glitter

2. Velvet

3. Holiday colors - red, green and black combos

4. Faux fur

5. Metallics

With the 102 outfits laid out in Winter Wardrobe: The Essentials eBook, you can pick an outfit and swap out an item with a holiday piece to inject the festive spirit into your outfit.

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See, a capsule wardrobe is meant to keep you prepared, give you different ways to wear your clothes, and get rid of that stress on what to wear. Should an occasion pop up, like a holiday party, instead of getting overwhelmed and anxious trying to find an entire outfit; you don’t need to. A simple add-on sometimes may be the only update you need.

Use this guide to update your winter capsule with some festive pieces and see how to mix and match them with your winter capsule essentials:

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- s p a r k l e -

- f a u x f u r -

- h o l i d a y c o l o r s -

- v e l v e t -

- m e t a l l i c s -

Winter Essentials + Holiday Wear

Update Your Winter Capsule With Holiday Wear
Update Your Winter Capsule With Holiday Wear