Statement Winter Pieces


Every wardrobe could benefit from a few statement pieces. A statement could be many things - a bold color, different texture, vibrant print, a more “in-your-face” style that you probably wouldn’t wear because you don’t know how.

A statement add-on could be a nice way to elevate a neutral toned outfit, make your outfit pop, and add a little personality to your looks.

Although a statement is meant to make a statement, it doesn’t have to be. Instead of selecting a more visible item; like a top, pants or layer. Opt for something smaller; like a belt, necklace, bag, scarf or shoe.

When styling a statement, your wardrobe basics will be the pieces that are going to offset that statement and make it feel more wearable, polished and practical.

Even though this cardigan that I’m wearing is neutral colors, the length and material make it a statement. However, styling with a few basics helps to tone it down and allow me to add a pop of color.

Rely on your basics when easing into a new style, color, or print. They provide you with the comfort and reassurance that you look stylish, instead of feeling loud and over the top.

If you need help updating your winter wardrobe with the basic pieces, check out this eBook - here for help with adding them to your wardrobe.

Below are a few statements to add to your wardrobe and give your winter style some pizazz:

Winter Statement Pieces

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How To Add To Your Winter Capsule:

Step One: Pick a statement item that you want to add. Any color or print of your choosing will work.

Step Two: Pick an outfit from the eBook.

Step Three: Swap out an item from the outfit and replace with your statement piece.


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And, that's how easy it is not only to update your winter capsule with a statement but how to personalize your capsule with the colors and prints that you love. You can apply these three steps to any of the winter capsule eBooks, and it will work.