How To Dress In Winter: Wardrobe Essentials + Outfit Ideas

Winter is slowing creeping up on us. And for some, you’re already knee deep in the colder weather. Even with winter being over a month away, the question is - when is the best time to start prepping your wardrobe for the new season?

Should you wait until winter starts? Is starting your planning in fall, ok? And will you have to wait to wear your winter clothes if you start shopping now?

And the questions go on and on.

The best time to start prepping and shopping for a new season is towards the end of the previous season. So, now is the best time to begin assessing your wardrobe and updating it with your winter essentials.

As you know, at the end of each season, there are plenty of sales as retailers move in their winter inventory. Knowing what you need to update your wardrobe for winter during this time gives you an advantage - you can keep your eye out for sales on the items you need, start shopping for new items if a sale pops up and can shop at your own pace, again, allowing you to keep an eye out for those sudden sales.

Shopping for a new season before it begins saves you money, time and once the new season starts, you’re already set. You don’t have to do more shopping unless you want to, you already have your entire wardrobe and outfit ideas for the season, and you can focus on other things in life - like holiday shopping, NYE plans, family time to holiday travel. Because you will already have the outfits ready to go.

The first eBook of my winter wardrobe building collection is now available! Winter Wardrobe Essentials eBook focuses on a classic and on-trend look. So you will have a combination of your classic staples and a mix of this seasons trends, colors to prints.

Here is a glimpse of what’s included in this eBook from the style of clothes to the outfit ideas -

Breakdown of your wardrobe essentials + links to shop exact items + access to a private online shopping guide to shop additional styles:

102 winter outfits with links conveniently located alongside every outfit throughout the eBook:

This eBook is perfect for you if you lack direction on what to add to your wardrobe, struggle with how to mix and match your clothes, and need different ways to be more creative with coordinating your outfits.


This 52-page eBook provides you with your winter wardrobe plan with a combination of dressy and casual clothes, shoes, and accessories needed to achieve the perfect mix of a classic and on-trend style.