How To Dress For Work In Winter

When you’re prepping your wardrobe for a new season - you’re thinking about what will work for your day-to-day but also what you can wear to work. If you think you need to invest in two separate sets of clothing - clothes for in and out of the office, you have it all wrong.

You don’t need to waste time or money investing in clothes that you only intend on wearing - one way or to one place. What fun is that?

Why can’t your favorite plaid shirt work in the office? It can. You don’t need to confine your clothes or think you can only wear them one way, that’s how you minimize your wardrobe options.

The winter pieces you’re spending your money on, I’m sure they can also be worn in the office. While some items may not cut it; like over-the-knee boots; a majority of your pieces are appropriate workwear.

The main thing that may be different is, how you approach putting your outfits together. For example, if you want to wear your favorite plaid shirt, you want to style it in a way where it feels appropriate and dressy enough for work without (1) feeling too trendy, or (2) thrown together.

To pull this off, you need to have a mix of clothes, shoes, and accessories in your winter wardrobe that are dressy and casual. Dressy items to polish up those casual or trendy clothes and casual pieces, so you’re not feeling too formal on the job.

Your 9 to 5 style should be just as stylish as your everyday style.

I have received many emails regarding a winter eBook with outfit ideas that cater to work. While there isn’t an eBook dedicated to workwear outfits only, all the pieces you need that can be worn in and out of the office can be found in these eBooks.

There are two different styles available - (1) classic with trend pieces and (2) a classic style.

These eBooks give you the perfect combination of pieces that allow you to mix and match your clothes to create dressy and casual outfits.

Below are a few work outfit ideas mixing and matching pieces from Winter Wardrobe Essentials (classic/on-trend) eBook - available here.

These eBooks give you different ways to dress up and dress down your clothes so you can transition your “work-only” clothes to the weekend, running errands to date night out outfits.

There is no such thing as labels or work clothes only. Because those “work clothes” are still fabulous and stylish when you’re clocked out.

How To Dress For Work In Winter

Why have two wardrobes and only be able to wear your clothes for specific occasions or events when you have can one solid wardrobe that will provide you with plenty of outfit options and be able to your clothes when you want to.

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