Stylish Boots To Wear In The Snow And Rain

Winter Is Coming. And for many, they are already experiencing the winter weather. It’s easy to let your appearance suffer a bit when it’s cold outside. With freezing temps, snow to rain, sometimes, the last thing we’re thinking about is looking good. Staying warm is more of a priority.

But, even when you’re quickly putting a look together, you can still look great. No matter what the temperature is outside.

Focusing on small details, colors, prints to styles is what can help set a simple item apart. And underneath your layers, these little details count. The most visible parts of your outfit are your outerwear, accessories, and shoes. These are some of the most important pieces of your outfit come winter.

So when you’re adding to your winter wardrobe, allow the small details take the lead and help guide your purchasing.

The below is a round-up of stylish boots you can not only wear in the snow and rain but can also pair with all the 102 winter active outfits I created in Winter Wardrobe: Active Essentials eBook. This eBook (here) is all about making casual activewear stylish! When you’re looking to throw on a pair of sweatpants, leggings, hoodie to snow boots - you can still look and feel amazing.

No need to allow the change in weather dictate how you look and feel.

Stylish Boots To Wear In The Snow And Rain

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Lord & Taylor



LL Bean

Take it from me, if you see a style that you love - get them now. I purchased number three after going back and forth for a while, and they sold out in the color I wanted and my size. So, I resorted to stalking the web every day for them, and luckily, an online return restocked them in the size I needed. However, based on the reviews, I knew they would probably be too big. And they were. I was going to keep them in any way because they are a gorgeous boot and wear with thick socks. But sadly, they are going back to the store. Don't let this be you!

Nothing haunts us more than the things we didn't buy... ha!