Classic Winter Style: Essentials + Outfits

With every season comes different styles, colors, prints to trends. And every season, we have to update our wardrobe to reflect the season's change.

But that doesn’t mean an entirely new wardrobe each season.

It is very easy to get sucked into buying things “just because.” But most of the time, that always results in a one-time wear or you have to continue to shop for single outfits that will go with these pieces.

If you’re breaking the bank to feel stylish and fabulous, you don’t need to. You can look and feel good without spending a lot of money every season. This, however, depends on the status of your current wardrobe. Is it filled with a bunch of random items, single outfits to those one-time wears? If you so, you may need to invest a little more to avoid having to continue this cycle.

The best place to begin is with your basics. Your basics are the pieces you need to create new and different outfits around your single outfits to your one-time wears and also allow you to wear the same clothes differently, so you do not always have to spend money on new clothes any time you want a new outfit.

Once you have your basics, you can add anything you want!

Every season I create a collection of wardrobe building eBooks that provide you with a wardrobe plan and outfits for the entire season. They break down what to purchase, give you different style outfits, links to shop and different ways to dress them up and dress them down.

I added a new section into my winter eBooks which shows you which pieces to transition over from fall. Helping you to save money, get more out of what you invested in the previous season and what to focus on spending on for the new season.

Looking good does not require breaking the bank!

Building A Classic Winter Wardrobe

Below is a preview into Winter Wardrobe: Classic Essentials eBook. I believe, so many women mistake a classic style as outdated, old or even boring. While classic is timeless, it's far from boring. A classic style is just as stylish. The key is to focus on the classic essentials and mixing in classic pieces with some flare. This eBook walks you through how to do that.

To make a classic style feel more exciting, there are a combination of factors:

1. Mix in pieces with flare

2. How you combine and mix your essentials

3. Combining and mixing colors

4. Combination of prints

5. Mixing textures

In short, with the right selection of pieces and knowing how to mix and match your items, will give you that stylish and updated but still classic feel.

This eBook breaks down the essentials to update your winter wardrobe with a season-full of outfit ideas. Giving you different ways to create casual or dressy outfits and how to pull off a stylish classic look... that doesn't feel boring.

What's Included In This eBook?

- Winter wardrobe plan

- Classic winter essentials

- 102 casual and dressy winter outfits

- Links to shop all 102 outfits

- Access to a private online shopping guide that includes additional items to shop (regular, petite and plus sizes available)

The below outfits are a mix of the clothes, shoes, and accessories included in Winter Wardrobe: Classic Essentials eBook. Shopping links to purchase these items are included in this eBook.

This eBook is perfect for you if you lack direction on what to add to your wardrobe, struggle with how to mix and match your clothes, and need different ways to be more creative with coordinating your outfits.

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