How To Wear Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans, for many, love them, but then think they aren’t “age-appropriate” for them. Or, too trendy. Sure, this style can appear to be more on the trendy side. However, you can always coordinate your outfit so that you feel on trend and polished instead of too trendy or trying too hard.

Age appropriate, in my opinion, is more of a comfort thing. Because like I always say, if you’re confident enough to wear, go for it.

Many of you write in saying you want to be stylish but don't how or what's appropriate or not. Or, you want to try new styles but don’t think it’s appropriate for your age.

Are you supposed to no longer love how you feel because of your age? Never.

As you transition through life, you should be embracing your style not being afraid to show it off! Ladies, regardless of your age, you can always be fabulous.

The key to pulling off distressed jeans is to polish up your look. And that can be done with a combination of different clothes, shoes, and accessories. Approaching how you build out your outfit is more strategic when you’re looking to polish up a trendy piece.

But it can be done.

Throughout this post, I’ll show you different ways you can feel more comfortable pulling off this particular style.

First things first, picking the distressed or destructed style you like best. Below are different styles and options for you to shop.

Step One: Choosing How “Distressed” You Want To Be

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Light Wear & Tear

Boyfriend Or Mom Style

More Dramatic Wear & Tear

Step Two: Select A Top

Your top selection can either be casual or dressy, the complementing pieces and styling are what you’ll want to focus on after you choose your top.

Step Three: Building Out Your Outfit

If selecting a casual top, use your shoes, layer or accessories to polish up your look. If choosing a dressy top, you can complete your look with a mix of casual and dressy pieces.

- c a s u a l T O P -

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans

This fitted striped sweater on its own doesn’t dress up these jeans; however, both the flats and faux fur vest help give this look a polished feel.

How To Wear Distressed Jeans

This blazer instantly dressed up the flannel and distressed jeans. Giving you the option to complete the look with a combination of dressy or casual items.

How To Wear Distressed Jeans

A layer isn’t your only option to dress up your look, allow your accessories to do the job. And complete your look with a shoe of your choice. Styling the tee tucked into the jeans also assists with creating a polished look around a basic tee and distressed jeans.

- d r e s s y T O P-

How To Wear Distressed Jeans

The button-up shirt and flats help dress up your distressed jeans, giving you the option to complete your look with casual or dressy pieces.

How To Wear Distressed Jeans

The turtleneck is the only item of this outfit that helps to polish up the distressed jeans. The fitted style and material get the job done on its own. The remaining pieces complement the look.

How To Wear Distressed Jeans

A dressy cami instantly dresses up the jeans, the peep-toe booties, and satchel assists with polishing up the look. And the cardigan completes the look.

There is a method to styling.

And it comes down to (1) having the right pieces aka your wardrobe basics you can add to any outfit that can dress up your look or dress it down, and (2) knowing how and what style clothes, shoes and accessories you can add to it any outfit to make that happen. Every item apart of your outfit has a role.

This way anytime you get dressed and feel your look is too casual or dressy, you’ll know what you can to do to fix your look to pull off the outfit you want without having to change in and out of different outfits.

Or, if you want to try out a new style and have no idea on how you can coordinate your outfit, your wardrobe basics provide you with plenty of options on how to put together different outfits.

In Maximizing Your Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, I break this down for you. Outlining the different wardrobe basics, you can add to any outfit to dress it up or down. And how to use your basics to style your outfits and put together looks around everything in your closet. Plus, how to use these pieces to feel more confident trying different styles or trends that you would usually avoid, because of not knowing how to wear it. Click here to get this eBook.

Don’t allow a distressed style make you feel they are too casual for you. In my books, nothing is “too casual” or can’t be styled to appear more dressy and polished. Mastering how to dress up and dress down your clothes will change your outlook on writing items off as “casual” or “dressy.” Labels don’t exist; they only confine you. If you allow them to.

Get rid of those labels, and have a little fun.