How To Feel Confident In Clothes

You have a love for fashion and want to look and feel good about your style but 9 times out of 10 you find yourself wearing the same outfits, styles, colors to prints.  Not because you only love the pieces you’re wearing but because you don’t know how to confidently pull off something different.


One of the easiest ways to warm up to trying new styles, is to rely on your wardrobe basics.  Some of these pieces you probably already have; your basics allow you to wear those printed pants that you’ve been dying to try or that bold colored dress without creating an outfit that feels too overwhelming.  Your wardrobe basics help you to feel more put together regardless of what the new style entails - how? Because your basics will help tone down and balance out this new style so it feels more wearable and practical and not so over the top.  So, those printed pants won’t feel too terrifying if you’re styling them with all neutral pieces - your wardrobe basics.


In Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, I lay out 24 different basics - clothes, shoes and accessories that you can style with all the new pieces you’re dying to try.


Here are 5 Pieces That’ll Help You Out Your Style Comfort Zone:

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With your basics, you can easily start incorporating new items into your wardrobe and feel more confident when putting an outfit together around them.  Those printed pants and that bold colored dress suddenly feel wearable and less intimidating:


New Outfit #1:

How To Feel Confident In Clothes

New Outfit #2:

How To Feel Confident In Clothes



Use your wardrobe basics to help you feel better dressed and more confident in your clothes!


Learn the 24 wardrobe basics + how to use your basics to create outfits around your clothes:


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