5 Ways To Style A Camo Print Bag In Winter

Prints can seem a little intimidating to pull off especially if you’re not use to wearing them or unsure on how to style them and pair with different pieces in your closet.  A functional wardrobe needs versatility - this includes prints.  While you don’t have to subject yourself to bold and standout prints only, there are other ways (and less standout prints) you can incorporate into your wardrobe.


Like your wardrobe basics (neutral pieces that you can pair with anything in your wardrobe); there are also neutral prints that will match with anything in your wardrobe as well.  Camo print happens to be one of them.  This print is a mix of edgy and masculine but can also be dressed up.

How To Style A Camo Print Bag


In my eBook, How To: Wear and Mix Prints, I cover more neutral prints, how to coordinate your outfits to add on bold and neutral prints to how to wear, mix and accessorize them.


Every woman needs a printed bag in their wardrobe.  It’s an easy and quick way to switch up some of your favorite outfits - and remember, it’s an instant match with your pieces so you don’t have to stress if it’ll work with your clothes because it will.


My favorite camo clutch is super affordable and I love to add on different accessories to it to give it a more feminine touch (when needed). I’ve had this Love, Cortnie camo clutch for a few years now and it’s one of my go-to clutches whenever I want to add a little edge or character to my look.


You can purchase this camo clutch for only $58 - here.


Camo print can work for any age and can be worn for those dressier events or if you’re looking to create a casual and laid-back look.


Here are 5 different ways to style a camo printed bag:


#1: Pair With Plaid Print

How To Wear Camo Print

This outfit is a combination of both wardrobe basics and winter essentials with a mix of prints to update a basic LBD.  In How To: Wear and Mix Prints eBook, you'll learn a quick way to combine different prints.


#2: Add On A Feminine Touch

How To Style Camo Print

To give your camo clutch a more feminine feel, accessorize it! Below are some of my favorite tassel add-on's:

Bag Accessories

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1. Calf Hair Tassel

2. Leather Tassels (available in different colors and sizes)

3. Croc-Embossed Tassel


#3: Pair With An Opposite Color

How To Style Camo Print

Update your basics and camo print by adding on a color opposite of the colors found in the print.  Not sure how to combine colors? Checkout my Complementary Color Pairing Guide blog post: here.


#4: Pair With An Olive Colored Garment

How To Style Camo Print

Complement the different shades of your camo bag with a olive garment and add on a pop of color (optional).


#5: Add On To Dress Down Your Outfit

How To Style Camo Print

Opposites attract! Complete a more dressier outfit with this edgy, casual styled camo bag (and tassel accessory).  It's the perfect add-on to give your outfit a more casual feel.


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Learn how to feel more confident wearing, mixing and accessorizing prints:

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