Faux Fur Outfit Ideas

Faux fur has evolved from a trend into a fall and winter wardrobe staple.  This chic add-on is an easy way to instantly add some pizazz to any casual or dressy outfit. You can pull off faux fur for pretty much any occasion - the only place I wouldn’t recommend wearing faux fur is at your 9 to 5.  Yes, you can be stylish at work but this winter staple can appear to be a little “too trendy” for the office.


There are different ways you can add faux fur to your look - a small accessory, stole/snood, vest or coat.  And there are different ways to style faux fur; while this is more of a statement piece you still have the option to style it to either make a statement look or tone it down.


The different factors to keep in mind: colors and prints.  Obviously, if you’re going for a more toned down look, you’ll want to opt for neutral or darker shades.  If you’re look to create a statement, you have the option to pair your faux fur with another color, prints to a combination of colors and prints.


The point is, you always have options.  Instead of completely ruling something out because you feel it won’t work for you.  If you love it, make it work.  If you’re just warming up to wearing faux fur, start with pairing them with your wardrobe basics first.  This is the easiest to pull off faux fur and avoid creating a look that’s too overwhelming - how? Because your wardrobe basics are all neutral tones; you don’t have to worry about it clashing with other items of your outfit or it feeling like it’s too much.  I lay out the 24 wardrobe basics: here.


If you’re ready to dive head-first into incorporating this style in your winter wardrobe, I teach you different ways to coordinate your outfit in a step-by-step outfit building eBook, How To: Style Faux Fur.  This breaks down how to create a statement and toned down look surrounding faux fur accessories, stole, vest and coat.


Below are 4 of the outfits included within the bonus add-on, Faux Fur Style Guide:

Faux Fur Outfit Ideas


These outfits are built around a combination of wardrobe basics and winter staples - pieces you may already own.  Faux fur can transform the most basic outfits!


Remember - faux fur will only be a statement if you want it to be.  This easy throw-on can instantly transform any outfit.  The style guide teaches you different different ways to create a bold look or toned down outfit and how to style faux fur in a dressy and casual way plus a ton of faux fur picks to add into your wardrobe.  But if you want to start small, stick with pairing them with your wardrobe basics to ease into this style!


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