What To Wear In Winter

Even with the cold weather, I love fall and winter fashion - boots, faux fur, layers, sweaters to the colors; this is the best season for fashion (in my opinion).

I'm all about being a smart shopper and shopping with a purpose, you don't need a new wardrobe as you change into a new season - just a few new additions.  I cover the in's and out's to building a functional wardrobe where you actually wear all of your clothes (not just a select few pieces then struggle to wear the rest) in my eBook, Building A Wardrobe: The Basics (available here).

If you like to look and feel good without always having to spend money on new pieces, you'll invest the time into properly building a wardrobe that'll keep you outfit ready, year-round!

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Winter Essentials

What To Wear In Winter

If you're stuck trying to figure out the right pieces to add into your wardrobe for winter that you can wear both at work and outside of the office, with a combination of casual and dressy pieces so you'll always have an outfit ready, I've laid out 36 winter essentials - clothes, shoes and accessories that you can wear all season long and 192 outfit ideas surrounding them in my eBook, Winter 2017 Wardrobe (available here).

It's all about being a smart shopper and getting your money's worth on what you're spending.  With the right pieces, you can.

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Winter Essential: Faux Fur

What To Wear In Winter

Faux fur is no longer considered a trend, this a wardrobe staple that continues to make an appearance every fall and winter season.  Anyone, any age - can pull off faux fur.

If this style seems too bold for your, here are some quick tips:

#1 - Start small - opt for a small accessory (bag or stole) to warm up to the idea of wearing faux fur.

#2 - Opt for a darker shade.  Faux fur is a statement on it's own, styling a bold color may just terrify you, so start with a darker tone.  It'll feel more wearable and less overwhelming for you.

#3 - Opposites attract.  Pair your faux fur with your wardrobe basics to help tone down this statement piece.

Faux fur pieces are included within Winter 2017 Wardrobe eBook, but if you feel you need more practice on how to pull off this style and different styling tricks, I teach you how to build out and coordinate your outfits around faux fur accessories and garments in How To: Style Faux Fur eBook (available here).

Don't allow the cold temperatures stop you from feeling and looking fab!

What To Wear In Winter

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