How To Pair Shoes With Outfits


Deciding on the shoe to complete your look, like your accessories, has the power to make or break your outfit.  You can have on a perfectly stylish outfit and it be completely ruined by the type of shoe you paired with your look.

Your shoes also have the power to change the vibe of your look - you can have on a more dressier look but your choice in shoe dresses it down or a casual look that is dressed up by your choice in shoe.

This decision holds a lot of weight.

To make it easier when it comes to getting dressed, your wardrobe needs options.  If you're buying all casual styled shoes and then struggle to create a casual/dressy outfit, you may not have any shoe options in your closet which will leave you settling on a look you don't love or wearing your go-to outfits.

Creating a functional wardrobe with options that make sense for your lifestyle is how you make getting dressed easier, quicker and more fun.


Not sure on what type of shoes you should add into your wardrobe?

Checkout my 3-steps to building a wardrobe Q&A in my eBook, Building A Wardrobe: The Basics.  Going through these 3 steps will help you pinpoint what you need in your wardrobe to get you through your day-to-day and to avoid buying pieces that'll just sit because you don't have a need for them.

How To Pair Shoes With Outfits


Adding in Shoe Options

Apart of creating a functional wardrobe is having a more versatile selection so it's easier for you to mix and match your clothes to create different outfits around the same pieces.  However, there are steps to take to building - starting with the laying the foundation of your wardrobe with the basic pieces.

This is the best place to begin because your wardrobe basics can be styled with everything you own.  Going back to deciding on which shoe to add to your outfit, any of your basic shoes will be an instant match.

Your basics are a combination of dressy and casual clothes, accessories and shoes; because of this, you're able to easily mix and match everything you own to being able to dress up and dress down your clothes with the help of your wardrobe basics.


Is your wardrobe lacking the basics?

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How To Pair Shoes With Your Outfit

This guide is going to breakdown how to pair your shoes with your look and how to piece together your entire outfit.


First, let’s breakdown the different type of shoes by casual and dressy styles.  This will help you with deciding what style to add to your outfit to help pull off a dressier or casual look:

How To Pair Shoes With Outfits
How To Pair Shoes With Outfits
How To Pair Shoes With Outfits
How To Pair Shoes With Outfits

Now that you have a breakdown of which shoes help to add a dressier or casual element to your look - this doesn’t necessarily mean just by adding a certain shoe to your look automatically makes it more or less dressy or casual.

Your entire outfit and what it entails from the garments to accessories also plays a role in pulling this off.


Building Out Your Look

Let’s take this dressy sequin top for example - you want to be dressed up without feeling overdressed but you’re afraid that pairing heels with it will make you feel that way.


You’re set on styling this top with heels, so how can you match pieces to your look to avoid feeling too dressed up?

You want to add on a statement necklace but know by adding this to your look your outfit will feel too dressy.  Instead of removing the necklace and/or changing into a different shoe, complete your look with a garment that’ll help dress down your outfit - pairing with a distressed and relax pant, immediately dresses down the top, necklace and heels.


Your outfit was missing a casual piece to help dress down your outfit and piece together the look you were going for - dressy without feeling overdressed.


Instead of changing into a completely different outfit, learn the different tops, bottoms, outerwear to accessories you can add to any outfit for those days when you can’t figure what to pair with your look.  In Build + Maximize Your Wardrobe eBook, I teach you how to use your wardrobe basics to build out your outfits to create different outfits around the same pieces.  You'll learn which pieces you can add to any outfit to help dress it up or dress it down.

Having a functional wardrobe requires your wardrobe basics and then knowing how to maximize your wardrobe to create different outfits around the same pieces without always spending money.


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How To Pair Shoes With Outfits


Let’s say you’re looking to create a casual look surrounding this sequined top and distressed jeans combo but feel this style jean with a flat will make your look too casual or thrown together because the flat isn’t a right match.


How can you piece together your outfit so that the top, jeans and flats look chic, casual and polished?


(1) Pick a flat from under the DRESSY shoe breakdown to start building out your look.  Instead of adding on a ballet flat which would give your look a more casual feel, instead, choose a formal flat - to add a dressier element to your outfit, because this is flat (vs a heel) your look can still be casual but more polished.

In Build + Maximize Your Wardrobe eBook, you'll learn how to complete your look from deciding what bag and accessories to add to your look to help pull off the style you're going for.

In this eBook, you'll also get a breakdown of the wardrobe basics by their "dressy" and "casual" garments so you can easily coordinate your outfits from head-to-toe.

When you know which pieces to add to any outfit, you'll find picking out your outfit is less stressful, more fun and not so time consuming.

Create a functional wardrobe and be more fashionable with the clothes you have!


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