How To Dress Up And Dress Down Your Clothes

In fashion there is no such thing as rules, it’s all about creating them.  So many women get hung up on labels - saying items are “dressy” or “casual” and wearing them only that way.  So many women feel the need to have two separate wardrobes - one for work, one for outside of work.


Did you know you’re ruling out the majority of your outfit options by placing labels on your garments?


Did you know you end up spending even more money on clothes and wasting as much money?



Thinking you need to have separate wardrobes and wearing casual pieces in only a casual way or dressy pieces when you want to get dressed up is the quickest way to waste money.  Most times when you're feeling you have a closet filled with clothes with nothing to wear, that's not exactly the case. You have options; you just aren't sure on how to put your outfits together.

How To Dress Up And Dress Down Clothes


If there’s one thing for sure with fashion, you don’t need a ton of pieces to be stylish, and you don’t have to break the bank to pull off a fashionable look that you love.



With every garment you have in your closet - you can wear it in a casual and dressy way.  




No matter if it’s a casual sweater, it can be relaxed and still create a polished outfit:




If it’s a blazer that you wear to work, it can be dressed down:




If you’re guilty of placing labels on your garments, it’s an easy fix.


Instead of placing labels, learn how to use these labels to build out your outfits.  


It’s all about balance.



For every item you have hanging in your closet, you have plenty of outfit options surrounding each piece.  But to easily create different outfits around the same pieces, your wardrobe needs the right pieces that you can add to every outfit -- your wardrobe basics.  These are the items that you can pair with every single thing you own, and it’ll be an instant match. Your basics are the pieces that you can add to help dress up your look or dress it down.



For example, that printed skirt you feel is too dressy, your basics allow you to create any outfit around all of your clothes:




If you’re always resorting to wearing your pieces the same way and subjecting your pieces to certain occasions or events, your wardrobe lacks the basic pieces.



In Build + Maximize Your Wardrobe eBook, I lay out 24 different casual and dressy basics that you can pair with everything in your closet with a shopping guide to update your wardrobe. And how to use your basics to dress up and dress down everything in your closet.



This eBook teaches you how to maximize your wardrobe and create different outfits around the same pieces.  With a breakdown of the different basics categorized by dressy and casual, you’ll easily be able to coordinate your outfits and start creating new outfits around the clothes you’re struggling to style or those pieces you only wear in a casual or dressy way.



Your wardrobe basics are the critical pieces to being able to dress up and dress down your clothes and how to eliminate your struggle of putting together stylish outfits with the clothes in your closet.


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I’m 57, I like very much how you style dressy and casual outfits. You’ve opened up a world of possibilities for me and my wardrobe. I have a lot more fun now getting dressed.
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