How To Dress In Your 60's

When I hear women saying they can’t wear certain colors, prints, styles to fits because of their age -- I’m just like, “Yes, you can!”

It’s very easy to feel like you have to have a more boring and predictable style once you reach “a certain age” - but this is so wrong.

In my opinion, you can most definitely pull off any style that you want.. regardless of your age.

Is it easy to pull off a stylish look at any age? Yes.

Do you have to stop wearing certain pieces because you’re a "certain age"? No.

With age your style evolves, it doesn’t restrict.  Your approach to putting together your look may be the only thing that changes because I doubt you’d want to wear the same outfit that someone in their 20’s is wearing, BUT you can still wear the same pieces… with a different way to complete your look through your choice of clothes, shoes, and accessories, so you feel confident and comfortable styling it at your age.


How To Dress In Your 60's



6 Steps To Feeling More Confident In Your Style:



Step One: Wardrobe & Lifestyle Evaluation


When you’re adding to your wardrobe, you should have a good idea on the different pieces your wardrobe needs that are practical for your lifestyle and what your wardrobe is lacking so you have a better approach to shopping and not wasting your money.  The three steps to consider first are:

1- Assessing your lifestyle

2- Assessing your wardrobe needs

3- Cleansing your existing wardrobe

Understanding what you need makes it easier to narrow down what to shop and look for when spending money.  I break down these three steps in a Q&A in Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook.



Step Two: Knowing How To Dress For Your Body

To be able to pull off a stylish appearance confidently, you’ll not only need a wardrobe full of clothes - but clothes that will flatter your figure.


Not sure what your shape is?

In Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, I include a break down of the different style essential pieces to add into your wardrobe by body type so you have better direction on which necklines, styles to fits to shop for that’ll flatter your figure.  



Check out my blog posts with tips on dressing for your body: click here (subscribe to be updated when new posts go up!)



Step Three:  Investing In Your Wardrobe Basics


Your wardrobe needs basic pieces that'll make it easy for you to wear the same clothes differently and that you can pair with everything you have.  Your basics allow you to feel more confident in putting together stylish outfits around every item in your closet and any new or future pieces you add in.

If you often feel you have nothing to wear or have a closet filled with a bunch of random pieces, single outfits or one-time wears; your wardrobe lacks the basics.

Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook helps you fill the gaps of your wardrobe, update it with new pieces, show you how to use your basics to turn everything in your closet into new outfits plus over 140 different outfits.


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Here are 4 out of the 140 outfits included in Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook:



Step Four: Adding In Key Pieces


Outside of your wardrobe basics, you need pieces in your wardrobe that reflect your taste.  The best thing about these pieces, you’ll already have a ton of outfit options for them with your wardrobe basics.


Not sure on your personal style? Check out my blog post: How To Define Your Personal Style


Your key pieces will complement your wardrobe basics and help to incorporate and show off your style with your looks.  These pieces can be anything from clothes, accessories to shoes and can range in style, shape, fit, color to print.


Check out these blog post shopping guides: click here


Step Five: Adding In Seasonal Pieces

To round out your wardrobe, you need your seasonal pieces.  Although they’re coined as “seasonal pieces,” a majority of these items can also be worn in different seasons.  

In Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook, I lay out 24 different pieces and their different styles so you're able to build a wardrobe filled with pieces that you'll wear.  With these 24 pieces, I have styled 100 different outfits that'll work all season in and out of the office. Because this eBook focuses on building with items that make sense for your lifestyle, you'll get access to a private online shopping guide so you can shop and update your winter wardrobe.

The color base for this eBook is a mix of neutrals, neutral prints and a pop of color - red!


Below are 5 out of the 100 outfits from Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook:


In Building A Wardrobe: Spring Basics eBook I lay out 24 pieces with 100 different outfit ideas for spring.  You'll be able to shop every piece included in this eBook!

The color base for this wardrobe is a mix of neutral colors and two accent colors - pink and blue.


Below are 5 out of the 100 outfits:

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Or, if you prefer more loose fitting and flowy garments, I've created 100 different outfits around these styled garments in Spring Basics eBook.  While this eBook focuses on more relaxed fits, you'll have a selection of casual and casual/dressed up outfits.  When you're styling loose or oversized fits, creating outfits that are in proportion is key to avoid creating a frumpy look.  You'll learn how to pull off a stylish look more confidently and shop every outfit!


Below are 5 out of the 100 outfits:


Learn how to add in different prints and athleisure pieces:



The key when adding in new pieces is to create a versatile selection, so you’re able to easily mix and match your items to create both casual and dressy outfits.  This approach will save you a lot of money and keep you outfit-ready for different occasions and events without always have to shop for new pieces.

With the right pieces, you’ll be able to feel more confident and stylish without having to settle on wearing the same outfits or constant spending.


Step Six: Wear The Same Clothes Differently

You don't need to continually shop to fill the void of, "having nothing to wear." - You have plenty of options already.  With your basics, you'll always have an outfit and different ways to dress up and dress down your clothes without having to spend money.

Looking good doesn't come with a hefty price tag.  Maximizing Your Wardrobe eBook shows you how to turn your one-time wears to those pieces you're struggling to style into new outfits.

Instead of resorting to a style you don't love, or feeling stuck wearing the same outfits, these six steps will help you create a style and wardrobe that makes you excited to get dressed.


Fashion should be fun! You create the rules.  Don’t allow a number stop you from feeling fabulous -- after all, it’s only a number!


Lay the foundation with your basics that you can easily mix and match and then rotate in your key pieces to help express your personality:

Loving your work. You have single-handedly cured me of a compulsive desire to shopshopshop. I am now looking at my wardrobe with love and excitement.
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Wardrobe Building eBooks:

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