Winter Colored Coat Guide

Building a functional wardrobe and having a closet filled with clothes that you actually wear requires strategy.  Shopping for pieces here and there just because you love them but have no idea on how to style them often leads to a lot of wasted money, one-time wears and you struggling to wear half of the pieces in your wardrobe.


While we’re all guilty of those impulsive purchases from time-to-time, those are totally ok if you know you’ll have outfits to wear with your new items.


It’s never a good feeling to be spending on new clothes just to struggle to wear them or never wear them at all.


To avoid this from happening, you need a functional wardrobe.  A wardrobe filled with not only pieces that you love but the basics that’ll allow you to wear these pieces over and over again to create different outfits.  Without your basics you’re stuck with a bunch of random pieces that don’t work together.  With your basics, you’ll have a ton of different outfit options with them.


Those random purchases you suddenly don’t feel so guilty about because you know you’ll have outfits for it or if you’re eager to try out a new style, color or print.. You will also have outfit options for your new purchases.


In order to get the most out of your clothes and what you’re spending, you have to be more strategic.  This all begins with your wardrobe basics.  If your wardrobe is lacking these pieces, in my eBook, Building A Wardrobe: The Basics I lay out 24 different pieces that you can wear with anything.  Click here for eBook.

Colored Coat Guide


Having your basics will make you feel more comfortable when it comes to pulling off styles you don’t normally wear; such as, colored coats.  Coats are an obvious winter staple, but another part of having a functional wardrobe is having a versatile one.  It’s always nice to add some color into your wardrobe and it’s a great way to add a pop of color to your normal neutral toned outfits.


Coats come in all styles, colors and shapes - they are a great addition to your winter wardrobe and an easy way to layer your look with a little color.  If you’re not use to wearing bright or bold colors, I would suggest keeping your look fairly simple and neutral based so your coat is the only bold item of your look with the rest of your outfit helping to balance it out.


This outfit idea is from Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook but with a colored coat added in.  


Colored Coat Guide

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This guide doesn’t just give you 140 different outfit ideas, it’ll also help you with ideas so you can incorporate different styles into your wardrobe; such as, a colored coat.  I simply swapped out a jacket and added in a pop of color.  Being that your basics can be styled with anything, it’ll always be an instant and easy match.


The below outfit is from Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook, which lays out the basics that you can wear each winter without worrying about them going out of style.  


Colored Coat Guide

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This eBook is a mix of neutral colors and prints with an added color - red.  This eBook is the second step to Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, in this second part you begin to add variety into your closet which is where we focus not only on winter neutrals but neutral prints (that can be paired with anything) and a pop of color.  You’ll learn how to add in color through an accessory, clothes, layers to shoes.  And if red isn’t your color, just swap out red for a color that you prefer.  Click here for Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook.


The below outfit is from Winter 2017 Wardrobe eBook, for the women that prefer to have a few preselected wardrobe staples that they can wear all season long.  If you live for a capsule style wardrobe, this eBook is for you.  This eBook focuses on mainly neutral tones with an added print, no color.  But again, you can use this as a guide and just swap out a coat or jacket included with a colored coat instead.  Click here for Winter 2017 Wardrobe eBook.


Colored Coat Guide

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If you want to take it up a notch and learn how to combine more than one color with your outfit, checkout my blog post: Complementary Color Pairing Guide.


Now, lets update your winter wardrobe with some color.  Below are a round up of colored coats ranging in style, fit to price.

Winter Colored Coat Guide

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