Winter Wardrobe Basics

In winter it seems like you have even more options when it comes to fashion; from the different types of sweaters and cardigans, textures, different types of layers to lengths, it can get a little confusing on what your wardrobe needs that’ll work in and out of the office so you’re not constantly having to spend on new items.


Do you need a ton of pieces in order to be fashionable in winter? Unless that’s your personal preference, it’s not necessary.


The key to being stylish in cold weather is creating a functional wardrobe filled with pieces where you can easily mix and match your clothes to create a ton of outfits that’ll work for pretty much any occasion or event -- all season long.  Those last minute plans, running errands, social activities with your kids to date night - you want to make sure you have pieces in your wardrobe that’ll work for each one.


It’s so much easier when you can go to your wardrobe and pick out an outfit and it works instead of having to either settle on wearing the same outfits you always wear or feeling like you need to rush to the mall to buy something new.. which most of the time leads to a one-time wear.  


The perfect mix of your winter basics will include a combination of dressy and casual clothes, shoes and accessories so that you can create different outfits around the same pieces and be able to dress up your casual clothes and dress down the dressier ones to make it easier to transition them through different outfits and occasions.  You’ll no longer feel like you can only wear a certain top for dressy events or casual pants when running errands.  Having a mix of both will allow you to wear all of your clothes and be able to style them so they’re appropriate for different occasions.


Here are 5 winter basics to add into your wardrobe:

Winter Wardrobe Basics

That blazer that you feel is too dressy for your day-to-day can easily be dressed down and more appropriate for grabbing lunch with girlfriends:

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 12.51.12 PM.png

This casual sweater can be worn in a more chic and polished way without having to be dressed up:


Those “dressy” and “casual” labels become nonexistent when you have the right pieces in your closet.


In Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook, I lay out 24 different winter basics that’ll give you that perfect balance to create more looks with the clothes you with 100 different outfits that you can wear…


At work:


A night out


Throughout this eBook you’ll be able to pinpoint different styles that work best for your day-to-day and different ways to dress them up and dress them down.  Having a functional wardrobe in place will save you a ton of money and give you more outfit options than before.


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