5 Days Of Winter Outfits For Women 40 And Over

Winter is here and you have even more options to be stylish in the colder weather.  From the different layers, styles to textures; sometimes having too many options can leave you confused on what you actually need and pieces you’ll actually wear.  It’s very easy to get caught up on buying things “just because you like them” but most of the time, taking this route often leads to a one-time wear and then you struggle to create more looks around these pieces.


In Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, I help you breakdown the garments that make sense for your day-to-day so you can avoid buying things to never wear or to only wear once.


In winter, surprisingly, you don’t need a ton of pieces to pull off being fashionable.  With a combination of dressy and casual pieces in styles and fits that work best for you, you can easily have a wardrobe of less but be able to create more outfits.


If you’re thinking your age plays a factor in looking and feeling good, it doesn’t. Going back to the 3-steps to take before building your wardrobe; you’ll have a better idea of the garments that you need to get through each day and the styles that are practical for it.  So instead of having a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear, you’ll have a wardrobe filled with options.


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In colder weather, you can still be bundled up and chic.  Below are 5 different outfits pulled from my eBook, Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics.  I’ve combined 24 different casual and dressy garments, shoes and accessories that’ll keep you warm, cozy and stylish throughout winter plus 100 different outfit ideas that you can wear in and out of the office.


Don’t allow age to get in the way of feeling stylish, instead learn how to build a functional wardrobe with pieces that make sense for your lifestyle and match your personality so you can easily put together different outfits around the same pieces and avoid having to always spend money to create more options.  Spending more money on pieces just to only wear once or a couple times, doesn’t keep as stylish as a wardrobe filled with pieces that you can wear over and over again to create new outfits.


Click here for Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook


5 casual and dressy outfits from Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics eBook

Winter Outfits For Women 40 and Over

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