How To Stand Out As A Blogger


Do you ever think as a blogger or someone who wants to start a blog, that you’ll never be able to stand out because everyone has a blog and it feels like everyone is already doing what you want to?


It’s true.  The market is saturated, everyone has a blog and you probably know a ton of blogs and brands that are sharing similar content that you want to.  You’re thinking what’s the point in even trying, right?


Even with an influx of bloggers and brands, you can still stand out, make money from your blog, attract an audience and grow your brand and business.


However, diving head first into launching your blog is the best way to hit the wall and eventually start feeling like you’ll never see anything from it.

How To Stand Out As A Blogger


Jumping right into launching your blog and throwing up posts without really thinking about how you can set your blog apart from everyone else often leads to:


1- You feeling stuck and not knowing what to post

2 - Not knowing how to create content that’ll actually attract an audience and drive people to your blog (not just Instagram!)

3 - You becoming inconsistent with posting because you have no idea what to write about

4 - Feeling discouraged then becoming uninspired to continue posting and eventually give up


If you’re looking to start a blog and see results for the work you’re putting in, you have to start with the basics -- branding.


The word, ‘branding’ leaves so many confused where it’s not even a thought that crosses your mind or think this is something you don’t need to consider especially if you’re just going to have a blog.  But these days because there are so many bloggers, you need to establish your identity in order to stand out.


Out of the thousands of blogs, you need to be able to create a brand that people need and want to read in order to grow.  And to find these people, you have to be able to position your brand to stand out.


Branding is your identity, this is how your audience begins to build a relationship with you.  While you’re building your personal brand, at the end of the day, you need an audience in order to see growth and progress.  While your brand is centered around you, your intentions are to help others; whether that be giving them ideas on how to dress, be more fit to how to apply makeup.  


Unless you’re creating a blog where you’ll be the only person reading it, you want to create content that’ll draw a crowd.


When you start to provide your audience with valuable content and developing a relationship with them, you begin to see a change - more page views, more email sign up’s, people referring you to their friends to a more engaged audience.


But to get this audience, you have to know how you’re going to attract.  This begins with defining your brand.


Defining your brand will help you:


- Pinpoint different content ideas that your audience wants

- How to create your content

- The people that need your brand

- Be different from what everyone else is doing

- Be more consistent with posting new content


Setting the foundation of your brand will help you build and grow it.


Do you want to make extra income from your blog?

Would you like to offer a product or service later down the line?


You need an audience to make this happen.


Defining your brand will tell you how to do that.


Laying the foundation of your blog will set you up to build, grow and turn your brand into an opportunity for you to pursue your blog and online business goals.


In my workbook, Define Your Brand, you’ll learn how to build your blog to stand out, lay the foundation of your brand and how to define the most important people to your brand -- your audience.


Having an engaged audience is the key to growth.


Don’t get hung up on what you see others doing or thinking you need to be doing what everyone else is doing in order to make it, defining your brand is the step you need to take to stand out, be different and create a brand that people love.


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