5 Winter Work Outfits For Women In Their 50's

Being stylish in the office isn’t hard to achieve with a mix of the right wardrobe pieces.  Your 9 to 5 is no place to start experimenting with the latest trends and trying to be trendy; however, you can still pull off a stylish and chic outfit and be the part.


Just because you have a work dress code to follow that doesn’t mean you have to play it safe and stick to a stiff and boring look.  Your style should exude your personality at all times - regardless of the occasion.


If you want to style your red blazer for a day at work, a printed blouse or those printed heels - you can! The key to incorporating trendier items at work is balancing out your look with neutral pieces.  This will allow your trendier piece to be the only bold or standout piece and the rest of your outfit and pieces help to tone it down.


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That red blazer suddenly doesn’t feel too bold..



Those printed pumps don’t feel like you’re trying to be too trendy..



And that printed blouse isn’t as standout as you thought it would be..



Your wardrobe basics play a huge part in helping to balance out your outfits and allow you to mix and match your pieces so you can wear all of yours clothes without feeling like you need to have a separate wardrobe of work clothes and another wardrobe for clothes you wear outside of the office.


Your basics make it easier to put together fashionable looks that are practical for your day-to-day without having to settle on a style you don’t love or resort to wearing the same outfits over and over again.


Without your basics, you’ll always find yourself going back to your go-to pants and blouse work combo and never being able to wear half of the clothes you have in your closet.


In my eBook, Build + Maximize Your Wardrobe: The Basics I breakdown 24 different garments, clothes and accessories that you can style with every item in your closet.  These are the pieces that’ll break you out of your style rut and into a style that you wish you could pull off.  These are the pieces your wardrobe needs in order be stylish in and out of the office… without needing separate wardrobes. I also show you how to use your wardrobe basics to create outfits around all of the items you’re struggling to wear.


Below are a week’s worth of winter work outfits surrounding none other than some of your wardrobe basics (and sample outfit ideas from within Build + Maximize Your Wardrobe eBook).  This eBook gives you options on the different styles, fits, lengths to heel heights to add into your wardrobe to make sure you’re getting pieces that you’ll actually wear.  If flats are too casual for you in the office, swap out for a pair of heels and if high heels are too high for you either opt for a lower heel or a flat.  Your basics give you options that are instant matches to any outfit you put on.


Another plus to building your wardrobe (the right way), once you take the time to properly build a functional wardrobe that makes sense for your lifestyle and personality, you’ll never have to do it again.  Investing in your basics will not only make you more fashionable but they’ll save you thousands of dollars in the long run.


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Winter Work Outfits For Women In Their 50's

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