How To Wear A Tank Over 40


Being over 40 doesn’t mean you can no longer go sleeveless, show off your legs to no longer being able to be stylish.  Age is only a number, not a reason to not love how you look and feel good about the clothes you’re in.


In fashion, you always have options.  If you think a tank is too casual to wear for you, you don’t like showing off your arms or you don’t feel it’s an appropriate top for you - there are always options first before completing ruling out a garment.


When you start to eliminate certain pieces because of a nonexistent fashion rule, you’ll often find yourself resorting to wearing the same pieces, styles and colors and never opening yourself up to trying new styles.


A tank is appropriate wear for you and is also a basic piece that your wardrobe needs.  There are 24 different wardrobe basics to have in your closet that’ll help you to be more fashionable and stylish with the clothes you have.  A tank, you can wear with anything for any occasion or event.  Look at your wardrobe basics as your foundation pieces, these pieces are needed to build a functional wardrobe for the simple fact that they are basic neutral pieces that you can wear with anything.  You can coordinate them with anything in your closet and they’ll match.


As I said before, you always have options in fashion so if sleeveless isn’t your “thing” - add on a layer! If a tank is too basic or casual for you, dress it up! Don’t rule it out.


Believe it or not, your wardrobe needs them.  For a complete list of your wardrobe basics, their different styles, colors to fits, checkout my eBook, Building A Wardrobe: The Basics.


The below 5 outfits are sample content from this eBook and the Style At Any Age Guide which shows you how to style the 24 basics for your age.  As basic as a tank may be you can still create a casual look around it and still feel chic and put together for a day of errands and you can also dress it up for a day at work.


Click here for the full list of wardrobe basics + learn how to dress up and dress down your clothes

How To Wear A Tank Over 40

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