4 Tops You Can Wear With Anything


Your life can be more fashionable and less stressful when your wardrobe has the basic pieces.


When you hear, “basic,” you may be thinking how can a simple and basic item help me be more stylish? Or, they’re too boring and dull to even believe they’ll add anything exciting to your wardrobe.


And I get.  Basics are fairly simple pieces, kind of.

4 Tops You Can Wear With Anything


Your basics are the glue that brings your wardrobe together.


If you’re always struggling to wear your clothes differently, stuck wearing the same outfits or only some of your clothes, or, your solution to creating more options is shopping.  It’s because of your mindset: you think your basics aren’t important pieces.



Your wardrobe basics come in all sizes, styles, fits, colors, lengths to prints.  But when you’re stuck on thinking - a basic tee, tank, black pencil skirt, or slacks sums up your basics -- you have it all wrong.



Being fashionable doesn’t come with a hefty price tag - unless, your wardrobe lacks the basic pieces.


They hold the power to creating a style you love!


In my wardrobe building eBooks, I help you build a versatile classic or trendy style where I break down the different styled basics that you can wear with everything and allow you to dress better with the clothes you have.


You can pair these four tops with any of the items in my wardrobe building eBooks, and it will be an instant match!


Four tops that you can style with anything:



#1: Tee

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#2: Lightweight Sweater


#3: printed Blouse


#4: Printed Tank


Now, if you’re thinking an item is too dressy or too casual to wear with your clothes - there is no such thing as labels and confining your clothes to dressy or casual wear only.  There is always a way to dress up a casual item and dress down your dressier pieces.  My wardrobe building eBooks provide you with 100 different outfit combinations so you're able to create a mix of dressy and casual outfits around all of your pieces.


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In short, your wardrobe basics are far from basic.  These are your wardrobe lifesavers and without them you’ll always find yourself struggling to do something different with your style outside of your go-to outfits.




Wardrobe Building eBooks:

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