4 Tops You Can Wear With Anything

Feeling and looking good about your style goes hand-in-hand with the pieces that are in your wardrobe.  Do you need to have a ton of clothes in order to be stylish? No.  Do you need to constantly spend on new items just to stay “current” with all things fashion? No.


Most of the time, being able to put together a stylish look is a daily struggle for you.  From having a closet full of clothes, you always end up wearing the same outfits and the same pieces, the same way.


Not knowing which top would work with your pants or skirts to feeling like you don’t have the right shoes for another outfit often leads you resorting to wearing a small percentage of your clothes in your closet.


Luckily, this is an easy fix and an inexpensive one.


If you’re always struggling to mix and match your clothes to not knowing how to coordinate your pieces to create new outfits - your wardrobe lacks the basics.


Your basics are the most important pieces to your wardrobe because they will instantly match with everything in your closet - no questioning if it looks right or if the colors look ok together.. It’s a yes.


You basic pieces make it 10 times easier to get dressed and create different outfits around the same pieces so you’re not stuck wearing the same outfits or needing to always spend money to look and feel good.


In Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, I lay out 24 different garments, accessories and shoes that you can wear with anything.  Every single item you have in your wardrobe right now that you’re struggling to create an outfit for, your basics are an instant match and will not only create one new outfit for you but a ton of new outfit ideas around the same pieces.


Here are 4 different tops that you can style with anything:


#1: Tee


#2: Chambray Top


#3: Striped Sweater


#4: Blouse


Now, if you’re thinking an item is too dressy or too casual to wear with your clothes - there is no such thing as labels and confining your clothes to dressy or casual wear only.  There is always a way to dress up a casual item and dress down your dressier pieces.  In Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, for each of the 24 basics you'll also have a style guide so you can pinpoint the style, fit and color that works best for you.  Not only will you learn the 24 different pieces you can wear with anything but you’ll also learn how to maximize your wardrobe options and use your basics to help dress up or dress down your clothes so you can create new outfits around the same pieces for different occasions and events.




You instantly have 4 different outfits around a pair of pants you’ve been struggling to wear without having to spend money on new clothes.  In this eBook, you’ll learn what other garments, shoes and accessories to add to complete your look to help dress it up and dress it down.


In short, your wardrobe basics are far from basic.  These are your wardrobe lifesavers and without them you’ll always find yourself struggling to do something different with your style outside of your go-to outfits.


Click here for Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook