How To Style Sweatshirts In Winter

The key to having a functional wardrobe is knowing how to dress up your casual and basic pieces and how to dress down your dressier pieces - not confining certain items to “casual wear only” or those dressier items for occasions and events where you need to be dressed up.


Knowing how to create different casual and dressy outfits around the same pieces will give you more outfit options with the clothes you have.  You’ll spend less money on new clothes and instead be able to create more looks without always needing to spend money.


While a sweatshirt is more of a casual garment, it can still be styled in a dressy, chic and/or casual yet put together way.  Casual doesn’t have to mean putting in no effort to create your look or a last minute throw on outfit and a dressier look doesn’t mean you have to be in high heels.  There are different wardrobe pieces you can add to any outfit to help add a dressier or casual element to it.  In my eBook, here, I breakdown those different garments, accessories and shoes - this is what you’ll use to build out your outfits and start creating different outfits around your clothes.  These tips can be applied to any outfit, anything you own and all future purchases.


This will make it 10 times easier to start incorporating different styles; such as, a sweatshirt into your everyday look.


If you’re thinking a sweatshirt is only meant for a last minute throw on piece or lounge wear only, that’s where you’ve got it all wrong! You can get away with wearing a sweatshirt in the office, running errands to grabbing lunch with girlfriends and still be just as fashionable.


If you want to create a more versatile wardrobe, you’ll want to add in a mixture of casual and dressy pieces so you’re able to create outfits (without needing separate wardrobes) that’ll work in and out of the office.  A sweatshirt is a perfect basic top to add into your winter wardrobe.


Below are 9 outfit ideas from my eBooks covering how to style a sweatshirt in winter:


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How To Style Sweatshirts