How To Style Jeans In Your 20's

The key to avoid feeling like you have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear is creating a functional and versatile wardrobe filled with a combination of casual and dressy pieces.  Jeans, like these 23 other wardrobe basics, can be (1) paired with anything, (2) dressed up and (3) styled casually but still feel polished and put together.


If I had to guess a few items that all women wear and/or have in their closet, one would be a pair of jeans.  While a pair of jeans are casual, I like to lay out how to eliminate those labels and instead teach how you can create both casual and dressy looks surrounding any item.  


The second trick to avoid feeling like you have nothing to wear is learning how maximize your wardrobe options.  You can mix and match your pieces over and over to create different outfits around the same pieces.  You can create casual outfits around all of your dressier clothes and dressier outfits around your casual clothes.


In Build + Maximize Your Wardrobe eBooks I lay out the 24 different wardrobe basics that’ll give you a versatile wardrobe and then how to use these 24 pieces to create casual and dressy outfits around every item in your closet.  You don’t need to have separate wardrobes or feel like you can only have “casual” pieces in your closet because that’s more your style - with your wardrobe basics, you’ll be able to create more outfits around the clothes you have.


The below outfits are 6 out of the 140 outfit ideas included within Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, not only will you learn how to add in the basic pieces that can be styled with any outfit but an outfit guide of 140 different outfit ideas around your wardrobe basics plus a shopping guide.  If you find yourself always struggling to create outfits around your clothes, restyling them in a different way to not knowing how to dress up or dress down your pieces, this eBook will show you how to get more wear out of your pieces and feel more stylish with the clothes you have.

How To Style Jeans In Your 20's

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