How To Style A Sweatshirt Over 40

If you’re thinking a sweatshirt is only meant for a last minute throw on piece or lounge wear only, that’s where you’ve got it all wrong! Even the most basic pieces can be some of the chicest pieces in your wardrobe.  You can get away with wearing a sweatshirt in the office, running errands to grabbing lunch with girlfriends and still be just as fashionable.


Having a functional wardrobe gives you a combination of dressy and casual pieces so you’re able to dress up your casual clothes and dress down the dressier ones; which will allow you to create different outfits around the same pieces without always having to shop for new items.


In Winter 2017 Wardrobe eBook, I lay out 36 different pieces - clothes, shoes and accessories that’ll allow you to mix and match your pieces to create different outfits that’ll work in and out of the office all season long.  With just 36 pieces, you instantly have 192 different casual and dressy outfits.


A basic sweatshirt is one of the 36 pieces included in this winter wardrobe eBook with over 20 different outfit ideas styling a sweatshirt for a day of errands, in the office, hanging out with your kids to date night.


Below are 6 outfits from Winter 2017 Wardrobe eBook:


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How To Style A Sweatshirt