3 Ways To Style Colored Boots

This season your go to neutral shades are in along with an assortment of bold and vibrant colors.


As a self-proclaimed shoe freak, this is more than a trend, colored boots will be in style for seasons and years to come.  I’m not sure why it’s taken brands so long to jump on this bandwagon.  A functional wardrobe needs versatility, and colored boots are just another way to upgrade your wardrobe with a pop of color in winter.


If you’re not use to wearing color, let alone a bold statement color, this style boot maybe a little intimidating for you.

How To Style Colored Boots


Here are 3 ways to pull off styling colored boots:


#1: Use Your Wardrobe Basics


How To Style Colored Boots



This is perfect for those who have a wardrobe filled with neutral pieces and those that are warming up to wearing colors.  Having a closet full of neutrals makes it easier for you to add a pop of color to your look - it’ll be an instant match.  It’ll help to create a more wearable and less overwhelming look because it’s really just an added on color on top of all neutral colors.  They help to balance out the color.


In Build + Maximize Your Wardrobe eBook I show you the 24 wardrobe basics that you can pair with anything (including colored boots) and different ways to coordinate your outfit with an added on color.



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#2: Swap Out A Neutral Boot With A Color


How To Style Colored Boots


In Winter 2017 Wardrobe eBook, I lay 192 different winter outfit ideas, you can easily swap out the shoes in these outfits with a colored boot instead.  If you need help with how to combine different colors, checkout my blog post: Complementary Color Pairing Guide.


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#3: Create A Bold Monochromatic Look

How To Style Colored Boots


I would only recommend this if you’re comfortable with wearing colors and pulling off a bold statement look.  Create a head-to-toe look in one color, go monochrome! With any monochromatic outfit, you still need to create balance within your outfit to pull off a stylish and polished look.  If you need help with styling monochromatic outfits, checkout my eBook: Monochromatic Dressing.



Update Your Wardrobe With A Pop Of Color:

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